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Be a part of 1300 DSA network in India!!
Generating over 85,000 leads per month

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Only Bank, DSA Agent,Free Lancer & Insurance provider can apply here to purchase leads
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With ApnaExchange, you are in total control.
  1. You decide which leads you wish to receive based on the profile of the customer and the price of the lead. E.g. if you only want to do business with applicants having an income of over Rs 15,000 - you can pick and choose the leads you want
  2. You decide how many leads you would like to pursue in a day - you only buy as many as you want on a particular day
  3. You can go on a holiday at any time - by choosing not to buy a single lead on days when you are on a holiday
  4. You don't need to wait for the SMS because the lead details become available to you as soon as you buy a lead
We take feedback received from our advertisers very seriously - and a consequence of the inputs provided by our advertisers we are happy to announce the release of ApnaExchange - the most efficient advertising option available in the country.
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