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Max Bupa Health Insurance

Max Bupa comes with different types of health insurance products. Health Insurance generally covers the hospitalization cost arising out of illness or accident. A serious illness could be catastrophic to your financial well-being; therefore it is imperative you have adequate medical insurance coverage. There are two types of health insurance policies available i.e. individual health policy and family floater health policy. Individual health policy covers each individual with separate sum insured and family floater health policy covers whole family in one policy. Other products offered by Max Bupa health insurance are critical illness, travel insurance and personal accident.

Products offered by Max Bupa Health Insurance
  1. Heartbeat:- This is the Health Insurance plan which covers the hospitalization expenses. Max Bupa Heartbeat Individual plan covers all day care procedures, provided it should not be in outpatient department of a hospital. Heartbeat individual plan is available in silver, gold and platinum options. Some of the key features of the Heartbeat individual policy are lifetime renewal, high deductible option and no limit on entry age. Heartbeat policy is available in family floater option also. Heartbeat family first is the first policy which covers 13 relationships in one policy. Some of the key features of the policy are that policyholder can choose individual sum assured or floater sum assured, maternity and child care benefits, and expenses incurred on harvesting of the organ.

  2. Special Protection:- All health insurance policies cover medical expenses and it is the yearly contract with the insurance company. Max Bupa Special protection plans include critical illness, personal accidents and hospital cash in one plan. Policyholder will receive lump sum benefits in critical illness and personal accident policy on happening of the event. Max Bupa covers 20 critical illnesses and on happening of the mentioned critical illness, policyholder will receive the lump sum benefits and the policy stop thereafter.

  3. Travel Insurance:- Whenever the person is planning to travel abroad, this insurance policy comes handy. Travel Insurance generally covers the medical expenses and day care procedures. Max Bupa travel policy comes with lifetime renewability, pre-existing diseases get covered after 4 years besides it also covers all types of travel including business or study travel, cashless facility and comes with flexible cover option like choose worldwide cover, excluding USA, Canada and Europe with the option to choose from 1 Lac to 5 Lac USD.

  4. Employee Health Policy:- Basically this is the group medical health insurance policy. This policy is available for business, private or public companies for their employees. Group health policy covers the hospitalization expenses arising out of the illness and accident. Some of the key features of the Max Bupa Employee Health policy are: Employee has an option to convert group policy into individual policy whenever he retires or moves to another company then all day care procedures are covered, sum insured is upto Rs. 50 Lacs and also it covers right from new born to senior citizens of any age.

  5. Swasthya Pratham:- This is a Micro Health Insurance plan, it is a group insurance plan specially design for rural and semi urban population.

Features:  Maternity and Child Care Benefits

General Exclusions:  Addictive conditions and disorders; ageing and puberty; artificial life maintenance; congenital conditions; cosmetic surgery; dental/oral treatment; eyesight; experimental treatment; HIV and AIDS; hereditary conditions; non-allopathic treatment; obesity; neurological and psychiatric conditions; self-inflicted injuries; sleep disorders; speech disorders; treatment for developmental problems; treatment received outside India; unrecognized physician or facility.

PreExisting Coverage:  After 4 continuous policy years.

Co-Pay:  20% for insured above 65 years of age.

Coverage (Features):  1. Room Rent 2. Medical and O.T Charges 3. Surgeon/ Doctor Fees 4. Pre and Post Hospitalisation Expenses 5. Cashless Facility

Minimum entry age (Yrs):  30

Maximum entry age (Yrs):  30

Doctor fee limit:  No Limit

Room rent limit General (Min):  No Limit

Room rent limit General (Max):  No Limit

Room rent limit ICU (Min):  No Limit

Room rent limit ICU (Max):  No Limit

Medical OT charges (Max limit per illness):  No Limit

Plan Doctor's Fee? Room rentals? OT and Medical? Cash Allowance?

Max Bupa - Heartbeat Silver Zone 3

Max Bupa - Heartbeat Silver Zone 2

Max Bupa - Heartbeat Silver Zone 1

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