Loan Against Property 101

Loans against property (LAP) are also commonly known as mortgage loans. It’s a type of loan where a property is mortgaged to acquire a loan. If one needs money to meet one’s short term requirements, one can opt for a LAP because it’s cheaper than personal loan. To begin with, personal loan interest rates are […]

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Loan Against Property

Loan Against Property Overview

Personal Loans are usually of two types i.e. secured personal loan which is secured against the mortgage of immovable property, insurance policies, gold jewelry, investments, etc and another is unsecured personal loan which does not require you to pledge anything. Mortgage Loan commonly known as “Loan Against Property” in India is a secured loan that […]

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Loan Against Property: Why do I Need to Show Income Proof?

Property is generally among the first assets people acquire. But, compared to other assets like, say, stocks, it’s relatively illiquid, and poses a bit of a problem when you need quick cash. However, many financial institutions now offer loans against property. So, when Anant Kumar, an engineer with a well-known company, needed a personal loan […]

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