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Jul 23, 2008

Now-a-days when people prefer to use more of plastic money, the role of credit cards has become very vital. But the kind of information available in the market on credit cards is quite confusing and even vague.

So where can you look for comprehensive information about various credit cards?

It is only a click away. Sounds almost unfeasible, it is true!

India's first and largest personal finance supermarket, Service Pvt. Ltd. (, have recently launched credit card comparator where one can literally get all the information about 212 credit cards available in India, issued by 28 issuers.

This versatile tool is designed in such a way that one can make an informed decision when it comes to credit cards. One can filter cards using specific needs such as Entertainment, Free for Life, Cash back, Fuel, and so on grouped in the benefits section. In the same vein, Business, Doctors', Social Causes, and Women's would be found in the Affinity section.

You can base selection of credit card on as many as 28 parameters like annual fee, interest rates, balance transfer interest rates, joining fee, cash withdrawal fees, surcharges, add-on cards, late payment fees, over limit charges and many more.

"The credit card market is varied and segmented enough to drive a common man to confusion. In such circumstances, we have attempted here to give the simplest format to provide customers with maximum value. We have designed it in a manner so that customer does not face information overload. It is a fast and effortless way of finding the best possible options according one's requirements", says Mr. Harsh Roongta, CEO of

Another feature of this comparator is that it tags each credit card by multiple parameters. This means if a user wants to filter credit cards using a combination of parameters; it is as easy as just selecting the relevant parameter checkbox. Thus if you want to look at platinum credit cards issued by all issuers which are Life Time free cards you just need to simply tick in the relevant boxes.

Once you have decided on a combination of parameters for your card of choice, you get a list of all the cards that conform to that particular set of parameters. You can now select the desired cards for comparison or click each card to view their individual features.

Certainly one couldn't have asked for more...

About is India's first and largest personal finance supermarket. Over 10, 00,000 consumers have purchased a loan product with the assistance of to date, and many more have used the site to make a better, more informed decision to buy a home, get a credit card or to borrow money. The Company has recently launched which is a comprehensive guide to insurance in India. It enables customers search and apply for all their insurance needs.

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