Find best car loan deals with Apna Paisa
May 6, 2010

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Find best car loan deals with Apna Paisa

If you are planning to buy a car, then know all about the car loans before deciding on the lender. There is plenty of choice available which you can explore on website. 


So before shopping around for a car loan, it is best to do your research first; and here is this link on ApnaPaisa where you can compare car loan interest rates across various financial institutions and banks:

Besides rates in this car loan section you can get answers to many of your questions which cross your mind while undertaking car buying process like how much car loan you are eligible for, what is the interest rate you will be charged, what are the fixed and  floating interest rate, what is EMI you will have to pay on the loan amount you are looking out for, what is processing fees you will have to pay while taking loan, what part of the loan will have to be paid by you as margin and what are the charges you will have to pay when you go to prepay the loan etc.

You can check your eligibility on the following link: and your EMI on this link: This table will help you to decide how much you can pay as an EMI and thus choose the  tenure which suits you the best.

Speaking on the car loans, Harsh Roongta, CEO, says, Car loans are the best means of buying a car. When looking for a car loan, it is most important to look for best interest rates offered across various banks where ApnaPaisa will enable you to take the informed decisions. Besides, it will also help you with getting to know your Eligibility and EMI etc. All the above information is available with respect to both new cars and pre used cars. 


So as a first step, finalize your decision on the car you want to buy as interest rates vary  from car to car; then fix the amount of car loan you need.


Now start your search for the appropriate lender with




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