Mediclaims are not only about premiums, explore more with APNA PAISA
Apr 5, 2010

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Mediclaims are not only about premiums, explore more with APNA PAISA


The US President Barack Obama has taken a landmark initiative of providing health care to all the citizens. The United States recently passed the most significant health care bill. Though India is way behind from any such initiative but as an individual it should be our responsibility to cover ourselves and our family members from any such eventuality. 


We at ApnaPaisa have been propagating this through our website which has immensely benefited our visitors. The website provides all the relevant information for any health insurance aspirant who wants to empower himself to take an informed decision.


Apna Paisa has on display the health insurance section which is very comprehensive and user friendly, where customers can compare over 40 health insurance products across 16 general insurance players. Please check the link: Customers can compare the listed Mediclaim policies under the broad categories like : Individual, Family Floater, Family individual and Senior citizens.


On our compare quotes for premiums of various Mediclaim policies, we have also listed important features like: 


Sub Limits - A limit on insurance claims for a specific item despite the fact that the overall policy has a higher limit.

Co Pay - Co pay means the amount of the bill will be shared by the insured as well the insurer.

Pre Existing disease coverage - Any medical condition or complication directly or indirectly arising from it which, existed before the commencement of the Policy Period (even if unknown to You) will be covered under the policy only after you have fulfilled the mention conditions.

Customers can check the link for premium table for all the health insurance policies :


Speaking on the Apna Paisa health insurance compare quotes premiums, Mr. Harsh Roongta, CEO, Apna Paisa says, Health Insurance should be the priority of every individual and his dependents but before zeroing in for any Mediclaim policy, he should take into account important features like sub-limits, co-pay and coverage of pre-existing diseases and not just the premium amount. Our Compare Quotes table is the most comprehensive one which presents details on all the above. Customers can immensely benefit by not only comparing the various policies but also by the invaluable information imparted on the table.  


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