Credila an HDFC LTD company is the only non-banking finance company that completely focuses on education loans. It lends money to under graduate and post-graduate students studying in India or abroad.

Credila offers loan to Indian students already studying abroad, Indian students about to go abroad and Indian students studying in India. It helps in all student loan process from beginning till the end.

Services offered by Credila:
Doorstep facility.
Lower interest rate.
Quick loan sanction.
Flexibility in choosing repayment term.
Loan sanction up to 100% of education expenses without margin money.
Flexibility in selection of collateral security

Credila’s objective is to be country?’s leading lender and service provider of education loans. Credila understands the troubles, challenge and concerns faced by the parents and students while getting education loans. Increasing cost of education is the major concern for the future studies.

Credila offers convenience while providing education loans.
Loan Amount
Study in India- min Rs 50000, max Rs 1.5 lakh.
Study Abroad- min Rs 4 lakh, max Rs 20 lakh.
No margin required