Home Loan: Hidden Costs: Overview

Every loan has some extra costs attached to it. And for reasons best known to lenders most of these are hidden or coded. Get an approximate of the extra charges you may have to pay for your home loan. Here’s a list of a few such charges.

  • Processing or administrative fees of any nature.
  • Commitment fees (rarely charged these days).
  • Legal fees payable to the lender or to the legal consultants of the lender.
  • Stamp duty on creation of mortgage
  • Prepayment charges

In short, make sure you read your sale agreement carefully!

Home Loan: Hidden Costs: Basics

There are other charges in a home loan.

Some common problems faced by home loan customers along with possible ways to avoid them.

Read all about the balance transfer option on home loans.

Find out how home loan prepayment will be of help even if you have not received the benefit of lower home loan rates.

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