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36200 if mediclaim policy is taken through nationalised banks under bancassurance the premiums are ve
36199 Sir, Can you please guide me as i'm planning to cover my family for medical insurance with c
36198 is this mediclaim policies a false card coz, i have faced so many problems after getting into h
36197 Hi Harsh, Good Afternoon.. My dad and mom are 57 and 54 respectively. I am looking out for a go
36196 I want to know, how do you define pre-existing diseases? Who decides on the pre-existing diseas
36195 , I am married and have a 2 year old. We are covered under my husband's health insurance. I wa
36194 HI harshji, i need a medical policy which covers all medical expenses including domicilary and
36193 hi harsh after how many years of policy do the pre-existing so called diease is accepted by th
36192 HAi Sir i got 1.50 coverage with my company for all my family memebers 1(12 months) child 3 (ig
36191 I have an existing mediclaim policy with United India for myself and family. I plan to go in fo
36190 hii Im 25 yrs old n have crisis care from icici fru with d assured amount of 3L n hospital guar
36189 I am 37 yrs and want to take a health insurance policy to cover me & my family (wife &
36188 , Hello Harsh Sir, I am looking a health insurance that will cover my dieseases, critical illn
36187 I am keen to understand if there is any health policy which will start covering me after, say,
36186 Hello Mr. Harsha! I am an govt. employee covered with govt. health scheme. Should I purchase an
36185 Which is the best Health plan in the market now?
36184 hi, iam planning to take health policies for my parents.Their ages range between 45-55. Iam 25
36183 Hi, Mr. Harsh. Good Afternoon to you. How are you doing? I am 28 and want to buy a mediclaim f
36182 I want to buy accident benefit , critical illness and medical plan all rolled into one for me
36181 HI, I am 50 now, Please suggest me the lowest premium policy that can accommodate with my annu
36180 do we need 2-3 health plan, I mean 1)for hospitalization, 2) critical illness, 3) family floate
36179 What is difference between health Insurance offered by General Insurance companies and addon he
36178 Hai, My father is 62 and my mom is 56. Which insurance provider has the best scheme. The health
36177 Hi, Mr. Harsh. Good Afternoon to you. How are you doing? I am 28 and want to buy a mediclaim f
36176 is there any health insurance policy for senior citizens aged 80 and above.
36175 Can you get a health insurance cover without doing any medical tests?
36174 are pre existing diseases like thalassemia covered by health insurance
36173 Is it possible to have health insurance above age of 60.
36171 hi harsh, how ru.my mother an dfather are arround 60, which mediclaim policy is better for the