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36149 what is difference between health insurance and mediclaim as in mediclaim the money is non re
36148 Hello sir,i wnat to take a insurance for 20years,last 20th year i should get good amount of mon
36147 I have already spent around 18000 rupees in the treatment of my wife and father. There was no
36146 hi i would like to take a health insurance for myself and my family...my father age is 65yr..is
36145 Is there anyway one could cover pre-existing illness under Medical Insurane
36144 How do we tackle the reduced claims passed by compay instead of paying complete amount? Also, i
36143 which company is giving best health insurance & benifit for me
36142 am 30 year old with wife 24 year and 3 month old son please sugges me best Health insurance.
36141 iam an asthmatic,,so will i get a mediclaim or health insurance policy?and which one will be be
36140 Dear Sir, I am 27 Years old, I want health insurance with My Perents, Parents age Mother 45 App
36138 I am 39yrs old and my parents are 72 and 67 yrs old. Do you think I can get my parents medicall
36136 am 30 year old with wife 24 year and 3 month old son please suggest me best Health insurance
36135 Hello sir, good afternoon, I am working in a private organisation. as per medical policy compan
36134 What is the best plan for senior citizens I want a medical insurance plus a investment plan.
36133 I and my wife both are covered under health policy of the company where we are working. I have
36131 CAn we take mediclaim using Credit Card,i came know it has less benefits
36130 Which healh policy will u suggest?
36129 I am 37 yrs and want to take a health insurance policy to cover me & my family (wife &
36128 Citi bank credit card gives a health insurance, where they go on increasing their premium each
36127 Whats the differnce between Health insurance and Mediclaim ?
36126 Hi, I had a query regarding health insurance for my parents. My father is 61 years old and is a
36125 would u tell me which health insurance policy is best among the all
36124 Apollo DKV is charging premium of Rs 12,000 for single male 31yrs for 10lac cover...vs any othe
36123 starting early is there is any benefit in mediclaim policy
36122 i dont kwon anything about mediclaim ples tell me
36121 sir company has given me and my family a coverage of 3 laks will it ok or i shall go for more a
36120 i have healthcare insurance in 3 different companies , insured at different intervals. for any
36119 What is the best plan for senior citizens
36118 any insurance coverag for HIV/AIDS patient?