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15270 Sir I am holding 7 deferent credit cards
15268 respected sir, i have withdrawn 10000 cash from ICICI credit card through ATM...i kept it for 4
15264 Hello sir, I am having a credit card due with icici bank of rs 2 lakh and now my salary is 1200
15224 i had made a xcash payment of 15000 (500x30) notes in citibank atm for credit card payment but
15219 i that wise to transfers funds from 1 to another
15197 Around 6 months back, I didnt get my credit card statement for a month and the next month state
15029 Hi, I hold a icici bank credit card and i have a saving account with icici bank. I have not pai
14947 Hi , I never applied for barclay card But getting statment on my office address after that I b
14914 Hi, I have 5 CC(Citi 68k, SBI10k, HDFC93k, HSBC75k, Barclays18k) and one smart Credit stc 50k.
14896 If my Credit card settlement is done,after being a defaulter then does the RBI still record me
14885 Which is best credit card that has online facility to pay back and more time duration to pay ba
14838 Hi I lost my job and was unemployed for 4-5months now i got a job again bt my income is not tha
14810 My credit card request was rejected as I had a bad credit record before but I was able to get a
14809 I have hdfc card/personal loan, then why my name is put in defaulters list
14800 hello sir, , I have already made the payment of Rs. 12429 which was due on my City bank credit
14796 HI , There is an unauthorised transaction from my card of ammount 68000 Rs. Bank send me the st
14769 Hi, I had an outstanding due to my credit card provider. After repayment i got a zero balance s
14764 After 7 years you mean the defaulter reports will be deleted is what you mean?
14753 Sir,I am regularly paying all my existing credit card/personal loan installments from last 4 ye
14748 I applied for a credit through apnaloan for two banks sbi and icici but both cards are rejected
14744 i have paid my all dues on my credit card payment but my name is steel lokking in defaulters li
14740 Hi Sir.. Last month I applied for a bank card from Deutsche Bank and my application has been re
14709 My salary is 6500 can i apply credit card
14706 I have a Citibank credit card and paying from 2006 onwards the interest, even i asked 100 tim
14686 My Brother was using a credit Card with HDFC Bank when he used to stay in Mangaore two years
14681 I am using five credit card with outstanding rs 400000/- my monthly income rs 10000/- now this
14668 I was holding one Credit Card from SBI with a credit limit of Rs. 18,000/- and was paying regul
14661 I was using barclys bank credit card for last 1 year and i was paying my bills properly but 6 m
14642 How can I made payment of my credit card through net banking? (By other bank)
14637 Hello Sir, I have a HSBC and SBI credit card with pending amount of 45000 and 21000 respectivel