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16278 All my accrued outstandingson cards are subject to my forgetting nature and not intention for n
16245 Dear Sir/Mam This is to bring to your notice that we have applied for a Home loan since 17/09/
16228 I want Know that how much loan from SBI i will get if my annual income is 99000
16226 hello, I have Rs.1 lack FD with ICICI bank and I need a credit card I need other banks' c
16225 hello, I want to accept credit card at my shop which merchant service provider is the best?
16179 I am holding ABN amro credit card. I opted easy pay option for my bill of Rs.11800. that they h
16171 Dear guru, I was working in saudi Arabia for 10 months and i cam back in 2007. and did not r
16124 Is it possible to see the status in CIBIL by the consumer himself?
16079 Hi Sir, I have a citibank gold card. I had made cash deposit of 21000 rs at one of the citi
16033 Hello Sir, I am sachin Kakkar working with MNC in Hyderabad.My query is related to credit card
15971 i haveciti bank card with o/s amount of 53000. i am unable to pay the minimum due also can the
15921 I was holding a amex card. After long conversation the total due was settled at RS.65000 to be
15903 I am not able to pay my credit card bills due to some un-avoidable situations. I already have a
15853 After my application for loan rejected, i got to know that i am a defaulter having Written Offs
15843 how to check for defaulter list in CIBIL
15832 i m holding icici bank credit card and car loan personal loans from icici havnt made any defaul
15826 I am Holding tatal 7 credit cards with 18000 to 36000 credit limits.I like to how can i get onl
15772 The ICICI bank had wrongly given negative profile of mine to CIBIL and thereby violated all the
15755 If I have an outstanding amount of 45000 principle amnt 7000 int amount, and I have asked the
15590 how to get in your credit card?
15586 axis bank uti
15431 How can i see Satyam defaulter list. kindly provide me the website name
15380 Sir, am jayaraman from chennai i lost my credit card past two months i just want to surrender
15373 Hi, I had 4 credit cards defaulted in India around Year 2002 and since then i have been liv
15303 I have recently shifted to Hyderabad 3 months bank, I have credit cards taken from abn amro, an
15296 Hello Sir, My husband is having 3 credit cards and 5 personal loans. e is not able to pay the m
15294 Dear Sir, i hold an HSBC credit card, which i want to cancel it as the sevice is very poor and
15270 Sir I am holding 7 deferent credit cards
15268 respected sir, i have withdrawn 10000 cash from ICICI credit card through ATM...i kept it for 4