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17876 I had a credit card in 2005 and i defaulted on that. But that was on my old name. Now i have ch
17821 Sir, Recently i have lost my job due to Global financial Crisis and am looking for a job now
17800 Hi, I had a total outstanding of Rs.225000 on five different credit cards. Every month I am pa
17749 I want to apply for a credit card which is internationally acceptable and that should not attra
17622 In 2002 , my credit card Cheque bounced . Then Local money collecter Agency collected all amo
17556 Dear sir, I bought an airline tickets for my family with credit card. Now I cancelled the
17526 I am housewife at chennai, with annual income of my spouse around 3.5 lakh per annum, also I ea
17525 I am Central Govt Senior level employee, I had my saleray through sbi in chennai,with annual in
17481 which is the best credit card with zero percent interest rate
17434 Sir, ICICI have charged me Rs 100/- as fees in my latest bill, for the fact that the last cr
17421 I Arnold Fernandes, hold a SBI Gold Credit card since July 2007. I made a full payment (withi
17226 Dear Sir, our credit card no 4477466648356003 all ready setalement and total amount paid but
17165 Is there credit cards in UTVI ? Let me know the details to get the credit cards ?
17050 Hi sir, i had two credit cards(HSBC and ICICI) for which i couldnt clear the dues for 6 months
16892 Hi, My name is Sourav. I want to know if i can get a credit card now. Case Study: I had a cic
16836 I taken a cash loan Rs.44000/- on behalf of my HDFC credit card. I paid 6/7 EMI. Now I want pre
16790 Hi, My name is Mohamed, just two days back i got a collection call from HDFC. They advise th
16692 Hi, I had applied for an ICICI Bank credit card. Before I recieve it, I moved to a different co
16677 Respested Sir, I am holding an ICICI Gold Credit card. Till last year the payment was on track
16656 currently using HSBC credit card with 16000 limit. but i want t change to anothe5r bank card w
16549 Dear Sir I had outsanding amount of 3 credit card's, and I have settled all the outstanding
16527 after settlement from citibank credit card i had clear the amount within 12 months , but i took
16487 Dear Sir, i hold a ICICI future card with a credit limit of 50000. I have converted 45000 worth
16377 Hello Sir, This is Jiten Ganatra. I have credit card dues worth 2.75 lacs. I am planning t
16373 hello i had credit card in 96 i spent for 15k during that time and paid regular payemnts, but
16364 Hello Harsh, I have applied for one credit card from Barclays Bank (Times Credit Card). Now
16360 sir, i have settled with standard chartered bank regarding credit card payments. now i have app
16281 Dear Sir, I have outstand of 15,000 in ICICI credit card. Total outstaind including penalty is
16278 All my accrued outstandingson cards are subject to my forgetting nature and not intention for n
16245 Dear Sir/Mam This is to bring to your notice that we have applied for a Home loan since 17/09/