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21154 I have taken a loan from Federal Bank. Now they are asking me to insure the property as it is m
21153 I had loan from HDFC bank on 11.25%.Now all banks interest rate had reduce so can i go to swich
21150 I want to buy a flat which is in 3rd floor and the approval is only for g 2. Property tax is b
21149 Recently my friend who has an HDFC Floating rate home loan converted his loan to lower rate flo
21148 If there are 3 co applicants, and their age is 52,31 and 30 and the repayment is going to be do
21147 sir i want to take home loan . i wan to take 15 lac loan. my annual income is 200000 can i get
21146 Can the limit of 100000 for Principal amount and 150000 for Interest can be claimed by both the
21145 The EMI for my home loan started from Aprâ??08 and Iâ??ve received possession of my house in Ja
21144 Sir, I have taken home loan from ICICI Housing Finance Company in Year 2006. Loan period is o
21143 if me and my wife are co owners and co applicants, can we both get the IT rebates and deduction
21142 Dear sir, In case of NRI, what are the documents required for home loans.
21141 I had taken home loan from HDFC,Currently it is 11.00%,But SBI is providing at 8% only,so i am
21140 Dear sir, Can you please explain me about the interest with Floating rate
21136 Whether the interest calculation on repaying monthly installment is calculated monthly / quarte
21135 Pls. suggest for Home loan. Which bank is cheapest. i am salried person. my income is 2.50 lac
21133 m getting married in this one month need a sweet dream house. we both work in private company.
21132 helo sir, i am having a housing loan in a co op. bankk in vasai since last 9 ters in the year
21131 Wats the difference between floating rate. fixed rate and fixed rate with reset clause.
21105 I had taken a home loan under the Floor Extension category (FSI) in 2004 for my Home in Vadodar
21104 Dear Mr. Harsh, I want to buy a residential property in Mehrauli (Lal Dora Land) in South Delh
21103 Dear Sir, I have taken a 30 laks loan with axis bank. The current interest rate is 10.75 float
21101 Hi, I am planning to go for home loan for plot. I do not have plans to build home immediately.
21099 Can I take home loan from my father? If yes, than how much and will I be eligible for all types
21097 Sir, Form where i can get home loan on GPA. Every bank is asking for registory for approving l
21096 Hello Mr Roongta, I had taken a home loan of Rs.1700000 for 20 year(240 months) tenure in May'
21095 Wat is the Fixed Rate with reset clause in Housing loan
21093 For the first time i am planning to buy a house. I am buying a house in the city where i am liv
21092 What to do with the current SBI H/l at 10.25 %,@8.5 Lac availed before 1.5 yrs for 20 yrs tenur
21089 The plot is in my mother's name. I wish to construct a home there taking home loan. What should