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19640 Hello Sir, My family(me and my wife) and My brother's family( my brother and his wife) took a h
19638 I want to withdraw the PF from my previus company. I planning to with draw it for my hoam loan
19637 i am earning 12000 p.m. how much max amount of home loan i shoud get? also please suggest the b
19635 i am earning 12000 p.m. how much max amount of home loan i shoud get? also please suggest the b
19634 Hi, I have planned to buy an individual house at Salem (TN). I had made an agreement (after giv
19633 what is the procedure to transfer my home loan form private bank to PSU.? After how many months
19628 Hello Harsh - I have a homeloan with citibank , one taken for 16 lakhs and another 5 lakhs , th
19626 If I register my newly purchased flat on jointly with my wife, In that case will I be getting t
19625 Hello Sir I am Navin K, working as a IT Professional in Pune.I acquired a home loan of Rs. 23
19622 Can I Avail loan for second time, if I have already taken loan.
19621 Respected Sir, I Want a Loan For my FSI Contruction for my House . The flat is in a building wh
19620 How the EMI for home loan gets calculated? Suppose I have a home loan Rs 10,00,000 with ROI 10%
19619 I have taken a home loan from ICICI last year. Current outstanding amount is 1870000 and intere
19615 Hello Sir, I and my mother purchased a home and home loan is financed by Axis Bank. I m co-ap
19613 Hi. I am intrested in purchasing a flat in bangalore and have shortlisted a resale flat. The va
19611 Hi Harsh, I have a loan of 36,00,000 with HDFC bank. i have taken it Jan 2008 and now the inter
19610 Is this time is good for home loan ?
19609 Sir, i need to ask 3 questions:- 1)in the case of a salaried person while calculating the elig
19607 Sir,I have taken home loan 3,98000 and Rs 40,000/- as top up in Nov'2003 at 7.75% floating rate
19603 I have taken home loan from IDBI bank, the amount is Rs 250000. I can not pay my EMI for 6 Mont
19602 Hello Sir, I and sister are planing to buy a property for 17 lacs. we have another property wo
19601 i have taken a home loan of 30 lacs from hdfc.now i want to transfer that loan to other suitabl
19600 ihave availed floating home loan @13% from ICICI bank can i get cheaper than this whereas the i
19597 Dear Sir , i have taken a home loan for Rs 14,00000 from HDFC for 15 years tenure. I would want
19596 I have transferred my loan of Rs 10 L from a bank and got a top up also of Rs 10 L from another
19594 Hi I want to trasfer my loan from icici to public sector bank, I want lowest interest rate for
19593 I have a home loan with BOB with the outstanding principal being 41 lakhs under floating intere
19592 My monthly income is 21000 and incentives are 6500. now please tell me how much home loan i can
19591 I have a property in the name of my father and his brothers. I am planning to buy that property
19587 Sir, Iam joe from chennai. I have a residential plot in coimbatore and i would like to go for