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23717 Sir, This is Sampathkumar, i have been working in IT company at Chennai. i have an offer to pur
23716 I have a loan for 13 Lacs with ICICI bank. I intebd to transfer the loan to LIC/SBI etc, Is it
23714 SBI is offering Maxgain scheme for homelawn.Pls.let me know how it works,its pros and cons,How
23712 Dear Sir, If I avail the home loan of Rs 30 lakhs, through Canara bank (8.25%, 9.25%, 2.5% bel
23711 for buying the plot in pune. what type of loan is this and which banks are doing this type of l
23708 I am planning to buy second sale flat (main owner --> second owner---> me.How much stamp
23706 I applied for home loan in indian bank in Sep 2007 and they approved 20.5 lakh. I told them tha
23704 Hi, Am looking for a Home Loan(Extension of present house). I want to know which bank offers lo
23699 Hello Sir, I had taken a loan of 28 lacs in 2006 from ING Vysya @ 11.75% and right now their lo
23694 I applied for loan to LICHFL through agent. Amt 34Lakhs. He initially promised 3-4 weeks for di
23693 Dear sir, i am having two home loan running , one with citi bank and another with bank of baro
23691 I want to apply for home loan, please let me know which is the best option available. Neeraj G
23688 Dear Mr.Harsh, Hi. I have Rs.15 lakh housing loan with ICICI Bank and its vintage is nearly 3
23684 i have a property under mortgage in australia for $364k but i am wanting to buy a investment pr
23682 Dear Harsh, I am considering a Balance Transfer from ICICI Home Loan Finance to a Public Sector
23678 Hello Sir, My name is Krishna and I have availed loan with HDFC on year with 11.25 % floating
23677 Dear Sir, I have taken housing loan from deutsche post bank at an interest rate of 11.75% about
23675 Hello Sir, I am working in a KPO and My monthly income is 16000 INR. I am thinking to gp for ho
23672 sir,i have applied for homeloan but not yet disbursed(only recd presanction letter) for which e
23671 I have a land on my name.Now i wish to buy a new Flat,but I don't know how I will be able to ca
23667 I am an NRI want to apply for a Loan of 30 Lakhs for a property in Bangalore what are the requi
23665 sir,i am doctor working in a hospital as a salaried person.i have been here only for the past 1
23664 I want to take home loan nearly 6,00,000/-. my query is whether i want to take in fixed intere
23663 can I get hoam loan from govt. Bank for purchase of 35 years old flat?
23661 Hello sir, My name is Srinivas. I am 29 and working in IT company with a monthly gross of 45k.
23654 I want to buy house 550 sq ft carpet in kalina santacruz E mumbai 98 for lump sum amt of rs.47.
23652 I am having home loan of 2050000/- and paid 10 EMIS and not taken the possesion also. Should i
23651 I have booked a flat in April 2009 that is yet to be constructed and I am likely to get the pos
23646 sir how i am cheke my name in cibil