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20531 Sir,i work in a university in saudi arabia and draw a salary of around 93000 INR.In the month o
20530 I am looking for a home loan for building my own house. Loan tenre will be 20 years. Please sug
20529 Hi Sir, Please advice me on home loan for a resale property. Banks suggest that they would fina
20528 Hi Mr Roongta, I have purchased site(Land) in July 2008 and opted for Axis bank with interest
20527 Sir, Kindly guide me about home loan for sum of Rs. 4500000. My income is Rs. 40k and my
20520 I have been granted a home loan of Rs 1600000 in the month of february 2008 from HDFC Limited.I
20514 Sir, I have completed 6 years of a 20 year housing loan of Rs 7 lakhs.The balance amount is
20508 I have availed a home loan jointly with my mother. But the home is registered in my mother's na
20506 I have a home loan in ICICI bank for 2950000. I have started the loan 6 months back and paid 5
20505 Sir, My mother has a plot(Property) and I want to make a home on this plot. She is ready to giv
20504 What should be the basic criteria for transferring the Home Loan from one bank to another ?? Ca
20502 Hello Sir, I have an home loan from ICICI 14.4 Lacs @ 12% floating for 20yrs,14 Months have pa
20501 I want to take home lone of 2000000 which bank is a better choice.
20498 Sir, I am planning to construct a house on a land which has 440sqft. is there a possibility to
20495 The Land is in my father's name. I want to take a home loan on that land to cunstuct a home. Ba
20493 Hi Sir, I plan to take plot and construct home on it by taking home loan. I heard the home loan
20492 Dear Sir, i have taken the home loan of 45 lakhs from LIC housing finace at 9.5% floating rate.
20487 I hav taken Housing loan of 16,85,000 from LIC for term 20 Yrs at 10.5% floating intrest. Is it
20486 Presently I am having a loan with LICHFL and Loan amount is Rs26,90,000 and EMI started from No
20484 Hi Harsh, For buying 23 lacs flat in Hyderabad, I need 18 lacs as loan. I am 27 yr old, and thi
20481 Hi Harsh, Had a query regarding sale of a 2hand (resale purchased) property in 2003. Would I
20480 I want to take a home loan for purchasing a plot in Bhiwadi. From which banks can I get the loa
20479 What is the PLR ? How it fixed? Is it same for all the banks or varies bank to bank?
20478 Dear Harsh, I hope you remember me - Rajiv Warrier ex Rediff.com. I request your advice on th
20477 I have availd Home Loan from HDFC for 4.59L on floating rate @11.25% 2 yrs ago.Now when the Int
20476 Dear Sir, I have a joint home loan with my brother from ICICI bank @13.25% floating rate. Curre
20473 I have a home loan from HDFC of Rs 50 Lacs. Presently int rate 11.5%. Should I go for a switch
20468 I wish to transfer my existing home loan with HDFC to a PSU bank. I am a non-resident who has b
20466 Can i take home loan to purchase plot at my lative place while presently working at another pla