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24011 In my area ( ambala) the state government has blocked any registry for last 1.5 years. This may
24009 My loan application has been rejected by the bank saying that the CIBIL report is negative as I
23984 i had taken a home loan of 5 lacs from ICICI 1 YEAR AGO against my property of about 30 lacs. n
23979 Hello Mr. Roongta, I would like to know whether I could get the loan to buy a
23965 we had taken loan from state bank of patiala Patna nearly 1.5 lacs in 1989 against my mother's
23946 i need a loan of 25 lacs to buy a plot.iam a doctor. my salaried income is 35000 p.m.plus i ear
23930 my property belongs to aurangabad rural areas i am working in pune where can i get loan?
23910 Dear Mr Harsh, I have plot loan from IDBI which is at around 11.25% interest being an old cust
23888 i am a pensioner and also have a property and i want to take a loan of One lakh rupees with low
23839 we would seek your comments on suggesting good financial who is capable of making finances agai
23797 I am a handicap with no income, my age 22yrs hi sir,i want to start a business. i completed my
23788 Sir, I have one property in Ghaziabad. Can I get housing loan for 2nd property in same city. I
23739 Dear sir, i took a flat in gujarat before 7 yrs and a loan from dena bank , i regularly paid th
23734 Sir, which bank provide loan against vacant site (Under BBMP) in bangalore
23692 I am planning to pursue my master's education in canada for which I will need an education loan
23686 I want to take a loan for the property build on agricultural land
23685 i have a semi commercial property in delhi at rama park uttam ngr mkt value of that is 700000la
23662 If we take a loan of Rs 1500,000/- for 10 years and after 2 years we are paying back the loan w
23648 I am a housewife with no income, my husband working in abroad as an engineer. I have a plot in
23596 Hi, We have 40 Bighe of Agri Land near lucknow. We are looking to start some business which req
23217 Hi i m gurjeet salaried on 6lac annualy, i want 10 lac LAP of 7500000 value. whats the best opt
23190 Sir, I am looking for loan around 10lacs Which bank is providing the best loan rates
23132 will senior citizen get Rs 5 lakhs on house mortage
23131 hello, i have booked a flat from a promoter where the promoter has the power of attorney which
23026 I have a house in name of my mother but she has no income. Can I avail a LAP on this house on m
22954 Hi , I am an NRI but have ancestral agricultural land. Interested in getting into farming, Is t
22942 Hi, my friend is a NRI who is working in US. His monthly salary in Indian value is Rs.2 lakhs H
22885 I have plans to apply for loan to buy a plot. I would like to know the terms and conditions for
22813 how much loan can i get on property worth 100000 lakhs.
22661 we have a property on 4th Power of Attorney... possible to get a LAP?