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23946 i need a loan of 25 lacs to buy a plot.iam a doctor. my salaried income is 35000 p.m.plus i ear
23930 my property belongs to aurangabad rural areas i am working in pune where can i get loan?
23910 Dear Mr Harsh, I have plot loan from IDBI which is at around 11.25% interest being an old cust
23888 i am a pensioner and also have a property and i want to take a loan of One lakh rupees with low
23839 we would seek your comments on suggesting good financial who is capable of making finances agai
23797 I am a handicap with no income, my age 22yrs hi sir,i want to start a business. i completed my
23788 Sir, I have one property in Ghaziabad. Can I get housing loan for 2nd property in same city. I
23739 Dear sir, i took a flat in gujarat before 7 yrs and a loan from dena bank , i regularly paid th
23734 Sir, which bank provide loan against vacant site (Under BBMP) in bangalore
23692 I am planning to pursue my master's education in canada for which I will need an education loan
23686 I want to take a loan for the property build on agricultural land
23685 i have a semi commercial property in delhi at rama park uttam ngr mkt value of that is 700000la
23662 If we take a loan of Rs 1500,000/- for 10 years and after 2 years we are paying back the loan w
23648 I am a housewife with no income, my husband working in abroad as an engineer. I have a plot in
23596 Hi, We have 40 Bighe of Agri Land near lucknow. We are looking to start some business which req
23217 Hi i m gurjeet salaried on 6lac annualy, i want 10 lac LAP of 7500000 value. whats the best opt
23190 Sir, I am looking for loan around 10lacs Which bank is providing the best loan rates
23132 will senior citizen get Rs 5 lakhs on house mortage
23131 hello, i have booked a flat from a promoter where the promoter has the power of attorney which
23026 I have a house in name of my mother but she has no income. Can I avail a LAP on this house on m
22954 Hi , I am an NRI but have ancestral agricultural land. Interested in getting into farming, Is t
22942 Hi, my friend is a NRI who is working in US. His monthly salary in Indian value is Rs.2 lakhs H
22885 I have plans to apply for loan to buy a plot. I would like to know the terms and conditions for
22813 how much loan can i get on property worth 100000 lakhs.
22661 we have a property on 4th Power of Attorney... possible to get a LAP?
22159 Can I prepay the sanctioned Loan before starting EMI ? i.e decrease the loan so that EMI could
22030 Can I get a loan against an open plot?
21966 Hi,I am Rajesh manickavel,I am salaried person working in a pvt ltd co.i am getting Rs.9850 PM.
21618 Sir, Is there any way one can obtain a loan agaisnt property which is not freehold.I am an orig
21549 whats the rate of interest on loan against property