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Date : May 5, 2009


I am an employee with Wipro. My salary used to get credited by the last day of every month. But since December 2008 the dates have changed from last day of the month to the first day of the next month. I have taken couple of loans and the EMI's that hit my account on the first of January 2009 were not honoured for the month of January 2009 because the salary was credited after the EMI's hit the account. The company informed about this when it was too late. Now I have to take a PL to clear my Credit cards, but because those EMI's were not honoured will I get a loan? If not now after how many months will I be eligible for a PL? What is the best way to get rid of the credit piled on Credit cards. I have always managed minimum payments on my credit cards. But now I want to take a PL and pay them off and want to throw them away. But will I get a PL as my credit record was screwd up because of the EMI's that were not honoured(only in the month of Jan 2009). Please advice.


As rightly assumed by you, your repayment track record will be impacked. It will very unlikely for your to get a personal loan but you can try and approach a lender for a personal loan and try and convince then that it was not your fault and that you will make your payments on time and wont default on the loan. The best you can hope is that the lender will listen to your part and give you a loan.



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