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Date : May 7, 2009


*23191* i would like to inform you, i am having this account from november 2008, and till today i donot have any credit issues on it, like : cheque bounce etc, and even i spoke to many banks as they says tat as this is the fresh loan they are not able to provide me the loan, but once they provide me then i can prove my self, but with out providing a loan how can i become a existing user for a personal loan, and now few banks says tat if your salary is more than Rs.30000, then they will be able to process, so it shows clearly that the people who earns less than 30000 in a Brand company they donot have the chance to get a loan, so i want to know what about us who are earning less than 30000, as iam working i can't ask to my parents or to my friends to lend me some money, so i thought that the banks will help me but finally none of the banks helped or helping me, If i speak to any of the manager regarding this he says tat "sir, because of some companies we stopped providing loans for all", it is not my mistake but still what to do, and even i donot know how to react with this situation, could you please provide me the best way to get the Loan as quick as possible.


You can try and raise a loan against securities such as property, LIC policies, fixed deposit, National Savings Certificate or jewellery. You can approach any bank for a loan against securities.



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