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23110 sir my name is prasanna kumar from Davangere. I need a loan amount of 10lakh rs to start up wi
23108 Dear Sir, I need help. Need personal loan of Rs.300000/-. But so far unsucessful. Not received
23091 I have taken a loan in 2008 for an amount of Rs. 436000. So if there is a change in rate of int
23087 I'm looking for a personal loan of Rs 50000/-. currently i have a PL with HDFC. for that one mo
23076 sir : we have 3 credit card and approx 2 lac outstanding and 2 personal loan is still continue
23068 i am working in dubai my salary is 40000.i want loan Rs 3 lakh.my wife working in mumbai
23045 hello, sir. if i fails to pay my persnol loan.. is bank sent me into jail? plz give ans
23034 Hi, my name is rajavali i want to take persnol loan,i am is employee one mnc co.my net salary i
23025 Hello sir, My name is sunny robin.I am a salaried person,earning 9000 pm. right now i am lookin
23023 Hello,I work in an ITO.Can i get a personal loan of 230000(2.3l).My take home salary is 18600.P
23022 Sir,I am an NRI,working since May 08 with First Gulf Bank,in Dubai,UAE,which is the 2nd Largest
23018 Hi, I need a loan of 5 lacs. I have a salaried account with HDFC bank. I had already taken a pe
23008 How much EMI I have to pay if I am taking a personal Loan of Rs 2 Lac for a period of 48 month
22992 i want a personnal loan of 1 lakhand my salary is 7000 and i ahevonly an experience of 4 mnths.
22966 I have taken personal loan to the extent of 7lakhs and Principal outstanding as on date is Rs.
22950 Sir, I have several personal loans and have been paying regularly till feb'09.Since 2-3 months
22948 Sir, I have taken personal loan from ICICI. EMI is Rs. 9587. Due to financial crisis I am unabl
22936 Hi sir i am s/w programmer and planned to take personal loan of 1 lak from hdfc bank in which i
22901 Sir, I have taken personal loan from icici bank but last five months i have not pay the instalm
22888 hello sir, i have one personal loan and loan against credit card with icici bank. as per terms
22886 Sir, I am having my residence in pune but working with a company for past 3 to 4 years which is
22878 I am getting salary of 10000 per month. i wish to apply a personal loan of 75000 rs. whether i
22872 I am a salaried individual having gross annual income 2.08Lacs currently I have a personal load
22833 i am a salaried employee of Indian navy and want Rs 2.5 lakh pers loan at minimum ROI urgently.
22832 wants personal loan rs 35000/ against bussness income of rs 150000/ per year
22824 Hi Harish, I'm a Salaried employee working in a IT firm since last 5 years. My Gross Salary is
22786 Sir/Madam, I am staying from bangalore i want loan amount rs. 200000/- whom should i contact
22760 Please help me in resolving my debts. Credit card outstanding = 150000, personal loan = ICICI T
22758 hi my name is sameer , i am an employee of genpact , as i am a part timer my salary is 5000 and
22751 i had taken a personal in June 2008 of Rs 80000 from HDFC BANK @18% for 3 years. I am paying mo