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18188 1) I have taken a personal loan of 1 lac Rs from ICICI bank for a tenure of 4 years. I have pai
18176 Hi, i have put myself in a stupid position need a 1.5 lakh on loan as due to my credit card
18154 I have several outstanding Personal Loans with very high interest rates.I want to clear all and
18143 Hi Sir, I hav taken a personal loan of 2.25 lacs for renovation of my house 1yr back.I'm workin
18142 I wanted to have around 3 l as personal loan as to pay my credit card full pay and 2 personal r
18140 Dear sir, Kindly tell me which institutions in Kolkata are ofering personal loans at the momen
18138 Dear Sir, I had taken a personal loan of Rs 5lac in the month of march '08, for the tenure o
18136 Dear Sir, I have personal loans of 8 lakhs from 5 different banks and credit cards dues of 8 la
18135 for my started business purpose shall i get personal loan through my monthly income of r
18117 I had taken Personal loan amount Rs. 75000/- on 21.03.2007. Now I want close my PL and want to
18107 I need a Personal loan for Rs 3.5 lacs. I have self employed for last 1 year. My last ITR is fo
18105 I have outstanding credit card dues of Rs 3.5 lacs. I am currently self employed as a doctor bu
18099 i am working in gulf bahrain i like to have personal from india which bank or financer will pro
18094 I have taken a personal loan of 1.5 lac from HSBC bank, and agreed to pay in 36 EMI's. I have p
18078 i work frm home.have a credit card,bank statement and pan card but no itr ,can i get personal l
18069 Dear Sir, I am working for SIEMENS group of Industry (Osram India Pvt Ltd). I need a loan amoun
18062 Hi, My name is Rahul and i have a personal loan of 2 lacs on which I m paying a monthly instalm
18041 I have done diploma in fashion designing few years back.Now i want to start very small workshop
18031 I have several outstanding Personal Loans with very high interest rates. Some were taken on the
18026 hi harsh, my salary is 25K. Am haivng two personal loans, 1 Lakh [4 year repayment ] with citi
18021 give me today rat PL
18019 diffrence betwen flate and reducing interest rate
18017 Am Varun. Am working as a Team Leader in TCS Bangalore (BPO Sector). My salary is 4.1 Lacs and
18016 what is consolidated laon please advice me and which bank can offer this to me
17942 How to get personal loan through omline for my business.
17934 Whom should I contact to avail a personal loan for NRI.I am in need of money urgently.Kinldy le
17928 Hello, I Dev from Ahmedabad. I need a loan of rs. 6 lac and i have all documents which is requ
17925 Iam working for an insuracne company and my take home salary is Rs 25000/- as a sales manager.
17909 i m paying minimum amt of my credit card dues. my take home salary is 30000 and my gorss salary