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8490 Recently i wanted to have a personal loan and since nationalised banks are the best option, i a
8476 what is interest in sbi of personal loan
8471 Is there compulsory to surrendered any kind of policy to bank for getting personal loan
8465 sar i want personal loan of Rs.500000 my net slory is 10000 per month how many emi will take if
8463 I would like to know in April 2008 will be there any decrease in the personal loan intrest rate
8462 Sir, I need to know the documents required to get tax exemption in PL for construction/repairin
8460 I have taken a personal loan of amount 290000 & the purpose was repairing of house.What are the
8458 I took loan from citi financial an amout of 38000 for 36 months. Now I have found they are char
8457 my relative had taken personal loan from 2-3 banks. Now the person is paralised and can not wor
8451 What is the eligibility for any personal loan?
8450 I have a couple of loans that amount to about 6 lacs @ an interest rate of 20% with 34 months t
8448 Sir/madam, Respectfully, I want to request you to save me in my problem. I am OMKESH living i
8447 i need Rs 10 lakhs for personal reasons to buy a plot pl help me
8446 i need to know that still i had to pay 231420/- as my car loan & 229136/- as my old personal lo
8433 i am a BPO employee can i get a personal loan
8432 sir ,i m selfemployed and i have taken loan from axis bank and icici bank .axis bank loan is 49
8429 hi, Im llooking for a personal loan of rs 1lakh pls suggest me whic bank gives me with lowest i
8428 I have few personal loans going on with different banks, i want to pay off all these loans & wa
8426 I have taken a personal loan from Citi Bank for Rs 4 Lacs in January @ 10.5% flat ie. 20% reduc
8422 I want to take loan Rs 40,000. Rs. 10,000 I want to clear my Post office due RD amount. Rest 30
8405 I am a salaried person in pvt.ltd.co surat. My gross annual income is 1,25,000. com.salary 8000
8400 I need a loan of Rs 100000.00.Pls help me with best option for interest rate and bank
8397 Hi, I'm salaried person working in IT field.I have applied for personal loan 2 times with diff
8395 can I get 4 lac pers. loan ? My salary is 15000/- p.m.
8393 I have taken a Personal Loan of 4 Lakhs. Can I claim tax exemption on House renovation? Please
8389 Sir, I am working in a private company as a casual so i can't give the salary silp. But other e
8386 I'm looking 4 a loan of rs 2Lakh. which bank should i prefer and how the interest rate is calcu
8368 I want to avail a loan of Rs.3,00,000 for a period of 3 year,what will be my interest rate,i am