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21574 I would like to transfer my personal loan from Kotak Mahindra to a different Bank where I can g
21572 Hello Sir, I am going to take PL of 300000, if i pay 1 lakh within 6 month as pre closure, wha
21564 Hi, I am working with Private LTD Company from last 2 years , My total Monthly Salary is 38,000
21552 I have an existing loan of rs 250000 from ICICI bank but on calculating the EMI for years they
21537 I took a personal loan of 5 lacs, 4 months back from ICICI at 23% for 4 years. I am looking to
21530 i am self employed businessman. no income proof. personal loan against credit card for two la
21528 sir, I required a p.loan amount Rs.1 to 1.50 Lac. Business is small and slow. pl. tell what can
21514 Hi, I am 20 Year old, working since 3 Years, Having 2 Credit card with limit of SBI-20000,HSBC-
21513 I m already hodling a Loan frm HSbc with the monthlu EMI of 4896 and i earn salary of 23000 per
21509 i am in need of personalloan for my busines purpose. guide me
21489 I am a salaried person and need a marriage loan upto 1.5 to 2 lakhs.All the banks giving at a h
21487 [PleaseSir, I would like to know the eligibility
21486 I just wanted a personal loan of Rs.30,000 to 40,000 So please inform me.
21475 what is the eligibility criteria to apply for the personal loan
21462 sir i am nri working in baharain for 10 months .i am a salaried professional(mechanical enginee
21460 Dear Sir, I have 4 personal loans running with as many banks. The total EMI value for all the 4
21458 i have a personal loan and i want to know the principle amont remaining as i want to preclose i
21449 I have 5 personal loans running in my account.the total EMI is 20000. My monthly take home sala
21447 for.rs 100000 rate of intrest how much
21444 i want a personel lone please details,
21433 in case of personal loan what if the customer dies..does his family needs to pay the remaining
21427 iam in railway but iam a trainee my salary is 8000 for 3 year . i want 1 lack loan with low int
21410 I want to take a loan of 10,00000 from any bank.I am a Government Service Holder and my monthly
21408 Hi Sir , I have three personal and one car loan is running.And all the track record is fine but
21392 I recently got a notice from the Bank to attend the Lok adalat which I coud not do as the notic
21391 sir ,i m a sme properiotor, my annual turn over is 1 crore and net profit 18 lakhs, i have se
21389 Sir I want personal loan. My salary is 13ooo. I want loan of 50000 which is being denied by PNB
21380 One of my friend has been trying for PL for quite some time now and has been rejected time and
21375 my monthly net income is Rs.18700.what is the maximum personal loan amount i am eligible for .i
21367 i wants personal loan for amount.Rs.100000 to 150000 if you provided I am self employee. ITR i