Can an Insurance Company Advertise Adventure Sports

Watching cricket has professional spin offs as well. Just saw an advertisement from the Bajaj Allianz Insurance group (it has both life as well as non,life insurance,products). The advertisement feature a youngish couple engaging in white water kayaking as well as other sports which, in my dictionary, can only be classified as adventure sports. The advertisement story line is that the couple is so relaxed because they have chosen to protect themselves through the various policies of the group that they can afford to engage in these pursuits.

So what is so exceptional about this advertisement that I am writing this blog entry?
The point is that most health and accident policies exclude claims arising from injuries/accidents caused while engaging in adventure sports. Most consumers are not even aware of such exclusions. Now if somebody watched this advertisement and bought a policy from them and a claim arose because he followed the lifestyle that the advertisement featured would the Insurance company be justified in rejecting that claim?
I invite your views on this. For the Apnapaisa team members – could somebody please do the research on their policies to see if white water kayaking is covered in their accident an health insurance policies?

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