Edelweiss Tokio Life Wealth Plus Plan

A Revolutionary Move

Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Co. Ltd. is one of the premier companies for Life insurance currently in India. It is a joint venture between Edelweiss Financial Services, one of the leading and diversified financial services organization and Tokio Marine, one of the biggest and oldest insurance companies. They have a range of products in different plans like child plan, retirement plan, health plan, etc. Their products in the “investment plan” are also very interesting. Products like Wealth Ultima, GCAP, POS Saral Nivesh are some of the finest plans present currently in the market.

In India, there is a misconception about insurance and investment plans. Also, there are hardly any steps taken to make customers aware of the insurance and financial planning. The insurance companies have started rolling out insurance policies with investment products because of the market competition and pressure on selling more number of units. Investment is that we save up to use while we are alive. Insurance is we save up for our family to use if we die early. The goals of these both, i.e., investment and insurance, are poles apart. A lot of us take Insurance policies as investments. Edelweiss puts an end to such practices by their products. The products carved by Edelweiss are sure to show you that difference between the systemic planning of your funds and proper use of them for your future. Their plans are not only the best in the market, but they are so customer friendly that their repeated customers’ percentage is sky high.


Being a game changer in the Insurance market, the Edelweiss Tokio Life team is always on their toes, and this time they have come up with an “unyakeenable” product called Wealth Plus. A reason this is called “unyakeenable” is because this product has changed the old rituals and instruments used for making investments and it is quite unbelievable. “Wealth Plus” product was launched live on Twitter at the Edelweiss Group House in Mumbai. Present during the launch was the MD and CEO of Edelweiss Tokio Life Co. Ltd, Mr. Deepak Mittal and the other panel members responsible for the inception and development of the product. There was a bloggers’ meet held with the live streaming of the product launch. The meet was an interesting three hours long session where various financial bloggers were present, and their interaction with the Edelweiss panel members was like words of wisdom.

The launch of the product was initiated by a small talk by the MD & CEO, Deepak Mittal about the company and its growth in the last 6 years, which was extremely commendable. Speaking of the product Wealth Plus he added that it is an industry-first product aimed at wealth creation where the longer the policyholder invests, the more the firm will contribute to his funds. Subsequently, the product was put forward by the panel members of the Edelweiss team. The plan looked futuristic in nature, catering to the digitally-savvy customers. The product has no allocation and administration charges, it provides additional allocation and has rising star benefits with it, for securing your child’s future in your absence. It is one of a kind unit-linked life insurance plan that can meet your investment needs by investing 100% of your premium and further allocating an additional amount to your policy. Also, every year additional allocation will be added to the fund on every premium paid during the paying term. These allocations start at 1% and increase every 5 years to 3%, 5%, and 7%, thereby accelerating the wealth accumulation, which holds true the comment shared by the MD & CEO that the longer one pays, more the funds will be included by the company.

The panel members also explained the Investment Strategy having two options, i.e., Life Stage and duration-based strategy, where Edelweiss will manage the funds based on customer’s information, and Self-managed strategy wherein money will be allocated to the choice of customer’s funds. The plan is also eligible for tax benefits. The product was explained in detail to the bloggers and financial experts, and everyone was engrossed with the product’s robustness. However, there were many questions thrown back at the panel members which were handled and answered extremely innovatively by the panel members and the MD & CEO himself which was a delight to watch. As also it was a live streaming product launch on Twitter, it was trending on the Twitter feeds, thanks to the digitally savvy bloggers who were constantly tweeting about the product launch.

Wealth Plus could be depicted as a breath of fresh air in the pollution of endless numbers of policies and plans present in the market. There should be a loud shout-out for the entire Edelweiss team for knowing the customer’s problems and coming ahead with such an unbelievable product. Hope they continue to enhance this revolution ahead as well and bring forward plans like Wealth Plus for customer’s delight. Surely an “Unyakeenable” product!

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