Financial Checklist

It is said that If we all perform our duties meticulously then we are surely on the path of prosperity. Every individual should be aware about his or her duties towards family members, relatives, friends, and society. In addition to social responsibilities, it is imperative that every individual should also have basic financial literacy.

To take the fist step towards financial literacy, following is a financial check list that you should prepare in consultation with your family members and professionals. This activity will make you more aware about your personal finance documents and will get you motivated towards knowing more about your finances.

S. No. Financial Aspect Checklist

General Details

PAN (Permanent Account Number) of all family members.

Passport details

Driving license and ration card details

Location of all these documents

Income tax ward number and location where returns are filed


Bank Accounts

Various bank account numbers, bank names, branch location, address & telephone numbers.What is the nature of the bank account i.e. current, savings, checking, etc.

Where are the bank pass books, cheque books & slip books kept at home?

Who are the signatories and nominees for each bank account?


PPF Accounts

Name, account number, post office/bank names, branch location, address & telephone numbersWhere is the PPF pass books kept at home?

Who are the nominees and after how many years does the PPF mature?

Name, address, & telephone number of PPF agent, if any


Real Estate

List of all the properties owned and in whose namesLocation of property documents (original purchase agreement, shareholding certificates, nomination registration etc.)


Statement of all other investments like bank fixed deposits, bonds, jewelry, art, antiques, etc.Location of the relevant documents

Direct Equities

DP names, address & telephone numbers Name of contact persons and their contact details

Client ID, account numbers, signatories, & nomination details

Location of contract motes and share files


Mutual Funds

Mutual fund names, quantity of units, name of holders, nomination detailsLocation of these statements/records

Name, address, & telephone numbers of agents, if any


Insurance Policies

Details of all insurance policies (Life, Mediclaim, Property, Business etc.)Names of policy holders, sum insured, annual premium details

Dates of paying insurance premium and relevant amount

Location of all the policy documents

Name, address, and contact number of insurance agent (s) and the insurance company


Statement of Outstanding Liabilities

Loan details (personal, housing, vehicle etc.)Credit card details


Location, if prepared

Preparing this document will go a long way in enhancing your financial literacy. Do make a resolution to sit with your family members this weekend itself and prepare this important document.

Priyesh Shah is Chief Financial Planner, working with SRE Financial Planners.

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