Money For A Short While? Go For Secured Loans

Consider this scenario where you need to discharge certain payments immediately, but are faced with a liquidity crunch. You think of taking a personal loan which is the most convenient method through which you can easily meet all your expenses easily. Or swipe a,credit card,.
While swiping a credit card in a situation like this may seem to be the simplest solution, it would be wise to avoid giving in to the temptation. It is undoubtedly the most convenient option, but not necessarily a smart one, considering the rate of interest charged is around 35-44 per cent.
Similarly, it is very important to search out the best options that can avail you money according to your requirements and terms. The rates for,personal loans,range from 12-25 per cent. Now, what are the options available if you want to cushion the impact of interest outgo?
For one, you could try secured,loans.

At a time when personal loans have become a norm, most consumers remain unaware of loans against securities including fixed deposits (FDs), national savings certificate (NSC) and jewelry.

In contrast with personal loans and credit cards
secured credit options such as overdraft against FDs attract an interest of 9-10%. This is the prime reason why more prudence needs to be exercised while choosing the mode of credit.,Apart from rate of interest and repayment period, the key determinants to your decision should be the speed of disbursal and of course, urgency of your need. The minimum tenure for a personal,loan,is 12 months, which means that this option is effectively ruled out if you require a loan for just a couple of months.

Loan against gold jewelry is another viable option. It can be used to fund your short-term needs and is one of the cheapest borrowing avenues available today. Most banks promise hassle-free documentation and quick approval. You can borrow up to Rs 10 lakh and 80% of your ornaments value, and need not specify the purpose. Repayment period usually ranges from 3 to 12 months; some banks also allow you to choose between repaying the loan at maturity or through the EMI route.

Unsecured loans are a very good option for people who do not want to pledge any asset for the security of the loan. Here you are completely free from the collateral matters. Involvement of property in the loan consumes a lot of time. This is due to the property check required to be observed for the placed collateral. So, unsecured loans save your time and provide funds without any complication.,The repayment period of the loan may vary from 1-5 years. These loans are relatively high on cost due to the higher rate of interest.

In unsecured loans lenders observe the repayment capacity and credit record of the borrower. Borrower owning a good credit history is always preferred by the lenders as they provide an assurance to the lender.

The Flipside
If there were no chinks in the armour of secured loans, personal loans and credit cards wouldn’t have been so popular. The first obvious limitation of secured loans is that they demand collateral.,If you do not have any assets to pledge, or are not comfortable mortgaging your prized collection of jewelry, you have no option but to turn to unsecured loans.

Finally, loan-seekers would do well to remember the golden rule that almost everyone is aware of, but few follow: Borrow if you think you can repay the money comfortably shortly, and always borrow within your means. Never fall into a debt trap. Secured loans constitute one method of reducing the interest burden and helping you avoid getting ensnared by the debt net.

The author is Research Executive at Services (P) Limited.

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