Personal Financial Planning- Need of the hour

Ever wondered if you have a single source to manage, execute and account for all your personal financial planning needs like retirement planning. insurance planning, taxation planning, investment planning, loans, mortgage and cash flow management.

It would make lives considerably easy cause you wont have to run behind ten different people to get a hold of all your personal finance documents and account statements. With a financial planner your financial management will be easy swift and all in one place.

The biggest advantage of a financial planner is that he will not be a salesman trying to sell products to you with the main intention of filling his pockets with the commissions of the products he sells to you. His main goal and motive is to keep you financiallly safe and secure and help you achieve your goals.

Many agents and salesmen in India pronounce themselves as a financial planner but the diffrenciating factor is that if a person is an agent or a representative of any company then he will not be in a position to give you unbiased advise as his aim will be to tell you some story and sell his companies’ products to you. To be an unbiased advisor the person must be able to provide a comparison of various available product options.

Financial planners charge fees from their clients for the advise given just like a doctor, lawyer or an architect. The advise is genuine and based on the clients needs, budget and after a detailed analysis of several available options

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