Basic FAQs
Get the basics of travel insurance right.
Do I need health insurance?
It's essential that you have adequate health insurance cover to reduce the risk of financial difficulties in the event of a major illness or hospitalization.Get answers to more questions.
Basic Shopkeepers' Insurance FAQs
Basic Shopkeepers' Insurance FAQs
Whole life insurance policy - an estate planning tool
What is estate planning? Can a whole life insurance policy be an estate planning tool? Get answers to your questions right here.
Do I need overseas travel insurance?
It is always better to have travel insurance when you go on a trip. Read onn to know why.
Insurance for insurance sake
A term insurance policy is insurance for the sake of insurance. Read on to know why...and more.
Need for householders' insurance if co-op housing society has insured building
Know why you need a householders' insurance if co-op housing society has insured building.
FAQs on Life Insurance Basics
Do you need insurance if your not the breadwinner of the family? Not really.
Wedlock in safe lock!
Plan to tie a knot? Yes. Do you know you can insure your wedding? No. Then, this piece is just for you.
Critical Illness Insurance
What if someone was to tell you that its as important to have a policy for the replacement of your income when you are alive as when you are not? Think again.
Children's Life Insurance Policies
Children life insurance has now become a child's play. The children's life insurance policies provide cover for the child's parent/guardian/grandparent for a specified term
Business blues? Get into the pink of health (insurance)!
Read to know about the health insurance business.
Women's Life Insurance Policies
There are customised life insurance policies for women, whether they are working, working from or at home or are housewives. Know more about these policies and the coverage provided.
Life Insurance for Young Working Professionals
If you are young and working, there is no time like now to get yourself adequately insured. There is just too much sense not to do so.
Wondering how long you need to keep yourself insured?
It's important to ensure that you have adequate insurance till the time you are the bread-winner.
How much insurance do I need? Enough to save family from debts
Make sure that the amount you insure yourself for should take care of your liabilities in event of untimely death.
Health Insurance Plans - Life Insurers vs. Non-Life Insurers
Do you want to know whether you require a hospitalization policy if you already have a Mediclaim policy? Do you know that 'Health Insurance' is a catch-all term that covers different kinds of health policies? Read onn to get your answers.
Health Insurance for your Parents
Looking for a health insurance policy for your parents? The perfect one? Here are some pointers when you search for that perfect health insurance policy for your parents.
Do I need life insurance?
Do you think you do not need a life insurance. Here's why you may want to rethink.
Floater Health Insurance Policy
Did you know that a floater health insurance plan provides cover for all your family members under the same plan for a single premium? The sum assured available to any one member or to all members in case of any eventuality during the term of the policy.
Travel Insurance - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Thinking the need for travel insurance when you travel abroad is hyped? You could certainly get some insight from this piece.