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Does the motor insurance policy automatically cover all my high-cost accessories such as music system, extra fittings, etc?

Accessories are not essential to the performance of the vehicle. Coverage for these accessories can be added separately in the insurance policy.

Apnainsurance.com Research Bureau

27 Nov 2007

Accessories are generally those parts which are directly supplied by the manufacturer along with the vehicle, but they are not considered to be essential to run the vehicle. The engine of a vehicle is an essential, not an accessory; a spare tyre is indeed an accessory. However, nowadays there are some accessories that are built-in to any car model - these are no longer considered accessories. For example, most cars are manufactured with an in-built air conditioner. Thus, loss or damage to accessories is covered if they come as part of the vehicle and not separately installed by you.

If you do install additional accessories such as a music system, extra mirrors, etc, you do have the option of adding these accessories as part of your car insurance policy. The price of such items would be included after depreciation, over and above the Insured's Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle.

Note that if these are stolen from the vehicle, then one cannot claim insurance unless the entire vehicle along with accessories was stolen.

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