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Important motor vehicle documents

There are some important vehicle documents such as a certificate of insurance, certificate of registration and a driving license that you need to keep handy.

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29 Nov 2007

Certificate of Insurance - Proves that the vehicle owner has valid car insurance.

You can claim insurance only if the vehicle is registered to you i.e. you are the owner of the vehicle. Hence it is critical that when you sell your vehicle, the buyer must necessarily get the ownership transferred to his/her name; the insurer has to be intimated to make the endorsement accordingly.

The Certificate of Insurance has to be produced as evidence that valid insurance exists whenever demanded by an authorized police officer. If the certificate is defaced, mutilated, or lost, you can get a duplicate certificate by paying a fee and producing an affidavit stating the need for the duplicate.

Driving License - Proves that the driver is authorized to to drive a particular type of vehicle. Further, the license should be in force - it is a penal offense to drive without a valid license.

If you are just learning to drive, you must have a learner's license. This license is valid and effective only if a "Learners" ('L') board is installed in the front and rear of the vehicle. In addition, a person with a valid and effective driving license must be seated beside you.

If any of these conditions are not satisfied, the driving license is considered invalid and any insurance claims will be rejected by the insurance company.

Certificate of Registration - Proves that a motor vehicle has been duly registered to you in accordance with the Indian Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. You have to get your vehicle registered by a Registering Authority, either in whose jurisdiction you live or in place of business where the vehicle is normally kept. You are required by law to carry the Registration Certificate or an attested copy in your vehicle at all times.

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