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What happens if a vehicle flees after injuring a third party and its license plate number was not legible?

Such hit and run accidents mean that no liability for insurance companies. The victim can be compensated by the Solatium Fund established by the Government.

Apnainsurance.com Research Bureau

29 Nov 2007

Such cases are known as hit and run accidents. In such accidents, since the vehicle is not traced, no liability can be imposed on any car insurance company and the victims have to suffer. The only compensation possible is under the Solatium Fund Scheme. The Solatium Fund has been established by the Central Government - 70 per cent of it is contributed by the General Insurance Corporation of India and the balance by the Central and State Governments.

If a person dies from a hit and run motor accident, a sum of Rs. 25,000 is payable; for grievous injury, a sum of Rs. 12,500 is payable.

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