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Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited is an insurance joint venture between Allianz SE; a life insurer and Bajaj Auto, India's leading two and three-wheeler manufacturer.

The company offers unit-linked, pension, traditional and term plans as well as specialized policies for women and children.

The company has its registered office in Pune. According to the company's annual report 2007-08, the company tops in collection of new business premium as well as the policies sold. It wrote a new business of Rs. 66,745 million as against Rs. 43,027 million in 2006. The insurer has a market share of 7 per cent as against 5.7 per cent in 2006.


8 Insurance product available
Children Plan
  • Tool to plan for children's needs in the future - education, wedding etc.
  • Tool to ensure children's future plans are not compromised in the event of parent/guardian's death
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  • Provides for stable income in post-work life
  • Helps policy holder to remain financially independent post-retirement
  • Tool for systematic retirement planning
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Women Plans
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ULIP Insurance
  • Protection tool with an investment option attached
  • Policy holder can choose from funds such as equity, debt, bonds, or a combination
  • Insurers offer partial withdrawals options
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    Term Insurance
    • Pure risk cover plan with no survival benefit
    • Protection tool against the uncertainties of life
    • Cheapest life insurance product
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    Endowment Insurance
  • Protection tool with savings option
  • Sum assured plus bonus accrued paid in the event of death of the insured or at maturity
  • With-profits plan that participates in the profits of insurer's life insurance business
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    Money Back Insurance
    • Provides life insurance covers for specified periods
    • Policy holder receives tax-free, fixed proportions of the sum assured at regular intervals or an option to re-invest
    • Policy holder receives lump sum payment on surviving maturity date
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    Health Insurance
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