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Are there any advantages of getting admitted to a hospital that the insurer has a tie-up with?

There could be several benefits of getting admitted into a networked hospital. Find out what are these.

Apnainsurance.com Research Bureau

05 Dec 2007

The benefit of using a network hospital is the availability of the cashless facility i.e. one does not have to pay a large part of the hospital bill; the insurer or the Third Party Administrator (TPA) takes care of it.

However, the insured does have a choice of selecting the hospital and the insurer has to reimburse the expenses even if she/he is admitted to a hospital that is not on the network.

Make sure you check if your insurer levies any discounts or charges for using the network hospital. Some insurers offer a discount on the health insurance policy to the insured for not availing the cashless facility.

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