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What are the different aspects that I should consider when buying a health insurance policy?

There are different aspects that you should consider when buying a health insurance policy.

Apnainsurance.com Research Bureau

05 Dec 2007

Basic Coverage - A health insurance plan should provide for hospital room charges, doctor/surgeon fees, medical tests, medicines and related expenses.

critical illness Cover - In addition, if the plan provides for a separate rider that pays a lump sum on detection of a critical illness (as defined in the critical illnesses list of the insurer), add that benefit to the basic coverage.

However, it is be more economical to purchase a separate critical illnesses plan. For a 35-year old individual, the cost of the critical illness benefit rider could range Rs.900 to Rs.2,000 per annum, including service tax - which adds up to a premium of 16 per cent to 40 per cent on the basic cost of the plan. On the other hand, a critical illness plan costs around Rs. 425 - Rs. 450 per annum for every Rs. 100,000.

Family or Floater Coverage - In the event family members are being covered, a floater policy or a family package helps reduce the premium outflow. Moreover, premium cost can be reduced by purchasing health insurance cover for a longer duration.

Long Term Health Plan - If the insured desires to purchase a high cover plan and ensure stable premiums, the premium on a long term critical illness plan is the way to go. Premiums in such plans remain stable for a period of five years.

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