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Got a health insurance query?

Antony Jacob, CEO, Apollo Munich replies Health Insurance queries of Apnapaisa readers.

Antony Jacob

17 Jun 2010

1.    Dear Sir, I am 37 yrs old, salaried employee, working with MNC and covered under mediclaim family floater policy for 7 lacs provided by company. Recently I have undergone angioplasty, one stent implant in my RCA. Now in order to cover future illness, I am planning to buy a mediclaim policy for myself in addition to company policy. But to my dismay, I am finding that preexisting illness are not covered for at least first 3 years for all companies offering mediclaim policies. I have two queries:- 1) Is my angioplasty will be treated as preexisting disease. 2) are there any companies offering mediclaim coverage for my condition from the start. I would really appreciate all your help and advice in this regard. Thanks

Every health insurer is governed by their specific underwriting policy and principle and this may varies from one insurer to that of others. It would be advisable for you to approach the insurer of your choice and propose for a cover that you find suitable.

The insurer then would be in a position to guide you through as per your health conditions and treatment histories for a suitable health cover.

2.    I am 40 year old, have a wife and 2 children (4 and 8). For family health insurance, Tata-AIG quoted Rs. 20,000/- for covering 9Lacs for me and my wife (separately) and 4.5L each for my kids in a family plan. Whereas, Apollo-DKV quoted Rs.25,000/- per annum for a floater plan of 10Lacs for all four of us. So, on the face of it, TATA-AIG seems to be a better coverage proposal. However, I have heard good things about Apollo-DKV. They seem to have a good reputation. What would you recommend? Do I go with Tata-AIG or Apollo-DKV? I am concerned about the issues in a claims situation. From your experience, do you see an issue with Tata-AIG claims? Thanks in advance, - V.M

We at Apollo Munich strongly believe that we are in the business of paying claims and strive to make sure all genuine claims are paid with utmost precision.

However, it requires to be noted that every health insurance plan would come with its own set of benefits and price is a result of all these benefits proposed in a package.

Our Easy Health policy offers various unique benefits such as life-long renewal (your policy would be renewed irrespective of your age), coverage for maternity expenses, coverage for expenses such as dental costs, hearing aids and spectacles, annual health check-ups, etc among others.

3.    Is there a health insurance arrangement whereby I pay premium for 10years and may be after I attain 60 I need not pay for the premium and my existing period of premium where if I do not claim, should take care of my health insurance needs (subject to sum insured) for the rest of my life after 60years. Any other way having this sort of arrangement.

As widely practiced in the industry, a majority of the health insurance policies would come with a maximum coverage age where the policy would cease to exist after a certain age.

Apollo Munich is the first health insurance company to offer the advantage of life long renewal where a customer would be free to renew his or her policy till any age and that too without any co-payment or excess loading, even if the customer claims every single year.

There have been constant endeavors to innovate and uncomplicate policies, but the industry is still yet to launch or offer a policy that may suit your request of an extended coverage on claim free years.

4.    i am 56 years old..i am looking forward for medical insurance policy which covers all my daily medicine charges and health check ups..can u suggest me the policies suitable??

The market offers various plans that extend cover for OPD (out-patient dental) expenses, but the majority of them are basically targeted towards the tax savings incentive. Apollo Munich offers Maxima, a health insurance plan that provides coverage against expenses on doctor consultation, pharmacy, health check-ups, spectacles, and hearing aids on cashless basis within specified wide network. This may be of your choice and help. But make sure you read the benefit charts and claims process before choosing one over another.

5.    hi , I'm looking for cash less health policy for my wife which also cover pregnancy please suggest me the company name and plan.

Maternity expenses are widely excluded when it comes to health insurance plans. But lately there are a few plans that have started to offer coverage against maternity expenses after a certain amount of waiting period. Apollo Munich too offers maternity expense coverage after four years of waiting period.