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Date : Nov 4, 2008


From this year with effect from Oct.'08 I got my family members including parents,61-55yrs,insured under 1. two separate Individual Health Insurance Policies from United India Insurance Co. renewed for eighth year, but with the minimum amount of Rs.50000/- for each and 2.first time for Rs.300000/- collectively under Plan B of AROGYA RAKSHA, a group insurance from United India Insurance Co. to Indian Bank account holder. My QUERIES; A . For which policy should the hospitalisation be reported , and claim raised in case the estimate of expense is less than 50000/- or more than 50000/- Kindly elaborate the procedure of filing the claim for both policies simulaneously in case required.


If you have two health plans and you approach an insurance company to make a claim then all the companies will pay claim on a ratable proportion of your sum insured.

For example with company A you have a sum assured of Rs.3,00,000 and with company B you have a sum assured of Rs.5,00,000 and Company C with a sum assured of 6,00,000 Lac. If you make a claim of Rs.3,00,000 then in that case company A will pay Rs.64,286, Company B will pay Rs. 1,07,143 and company c will pay Rs.1,28,571 as a proportion of their sum insured shared by two companies. Hence the total amount comes up to 3 lacs.

You need to contact both the companies if you want else claim can be made on a single plan as well.



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