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Date : Dec 15, 2008


I am interested to buy personal (individual) health insurance policy on top of my corporate health insurance (3 Lakh Family floater from United India Insurance). Family structure: a. We are four member family (myself 35, wife 26, 1st child 4 and 2nd 6 months) b. Also want to include my parent (Father 60, Mother 56). Father has gone through heart by-pass surgery in the past. Questions: a. What coverage should I opt for (like basic+critical illness). b. How much sum assured I should go for? c. Do you recommend any kind of Rider should be taken? d. Should I buy two different policies to reduce the premium and increase the coverage? 1st Policy for myself and father (as I am the earning member and father has got by-pass surgery) and 2nd policy for rest. OR 1st Policy for my family andfamily floaters,  2nd Policy for my parents Note: I am looking for pure insurance (without any returns) which should have maximum coverage for any kind of medical expenses (domicilia


There are quite a few family floaters available in the market, they are a type of plans which covers the entire family under a single sum assured. Check health insurance comparator to get better idea about the same.

There are individual mediclaims available for senior citizens and is offered by just three companies which are:
1) Bajaj allianz  - Silver Health - age 46-70,
2) Star health and Allied insurance - Red Carpet senior citizen - age 60-69, and
3)National insurance -  Varishtha Mediclaim for senior citizens - age 60-80 years.

The sum assured can be decided based on the number of family members you need to cover under the policy and their age. You also need to estimate the cost you expect on the treatment in case of any hospitalization and the amount of premium you are willing to pay. While calculating the cost of hospitalization would, you should keep in my mind the city you are staying, the hospital you would like the treatment to happen and various other factors while hospitalization.

As per your question, how much sum assured required for your parents, the answer is the maximum you can afford.

There are few mediclaim plans that covers critical illness as a rider benefit, however if you want you can opt for a seperate critical illness policy as per your need you may and one should opt for the maximum sum assured.

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