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36667 i undergone kidney transplant 6 month back now i fine>is any policy cover this now?i look fo
36661 I am a single working mother of 1 son age 21years and daughter 18 yrs.My age is 46 years. Can y
36660 Res. Sir, I have mediclaim individual policy with M/s.Oriental Ins. since 30.03.2004 (S.Assured
36659 I have Silver Health policy for self There was no claim in the last year. At the time of rene
36658 my age is 37 for my famly i am looking at a medical/health insurance policy which covers everyt
36651 Is health coverage available for 50 years of age and above? If yes, which is the most economica
36650 Which insurance policy would offer least volatility in premiums charged after a certain age and
36649 Is any family medical cover available covering diabetes and asking a maximum premium of 12K p.a
36648 Is swapping of insurance policy(from one type to some other type of health insurance) possible
36647 Health insurance v/S Accident insurance Do health insurance policies cover for accidents as we
36646 Is there any health insurance policy available for senior citizens suffering from diabetes?
36645 Can a claim be made to two or more different companies in case the individual has got himself c
36644 Is a policy coverage for health of around 2 lacs sufficient for a 60 year old person and is mul
36643 Individual v/S Floater
36642 Do roll-over of health insurance policies exist?
36641 Can an insurance policy be taken for someone undergone an angioplasty operation and he/she bein
36640 Do insurance policies invariably cover the pre-existing diseases once the lock-in period expire
36639 Does any insurance policy provide covering against an ailment from birth(preferably cardiac pro
36638 Does any insurance policy provides cover for 75 years(age) and above?
36637 Is there any insurance policy which provides cover against std/hiv?
36636 Is mediclaim and medical insurance the same. If no what is the difference
36634 does any of the star or cholomandalam health insurance products offer maternity cover during fi
36633 Hi, I want to opt the medical insurance but that should be money back policy. Please advise me
36632 We want to take a Mediclaim or Health Insurance in the name of our Bos. She is 52 years an
36630 which medical plan is good for cover my family
36628 hi iam 53 years old .i live in kanpur(uttar paradesh).i wanted a health insurance for myself an
36614 how may insurance companies covers chronic diseases.(diseases which reoccur) what are the insur
36613 Which health insurence should buy covering parents and family even with pre-existing diseases?
36612 I would like to take madical policy for me and my wife, what you suggest is pregnancy is also c
36610 am a 30 year old male, married serving govt employee and looking for a health insurance which