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Householders' Insurance FAQs on Coverage

Get answers to questions about coverage provided by householders' insurance policy. Did you know that possessions of your guests can aslo be covered?

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08 Jan 2008

In case of an earthquake or heavy rains, will damages caused to the building also be covered under the policy?

If your building has been insured i.e. a separate risk cover for the building has been purchased, then damages to the building in case of an earthquake or floods can be claimed.

If the garden in my building caught fire and resulted in damages to my property, can I make a claim?

Yes, the damage to your property caused by such a fire is covered; only if the fire is not a deliberate action on your part. However, your motor vehicle doesn't come under this cover, and you cannot claim for damages under the householders' insurance plan. You could claim that under your motor insurance policy.

Suppose my building is insured but I don't have any householders' insurance; and the fire in my neighbor's house damages my property as well, can I claim damages from the building?

Yes. If the fire damages the structure of your building and house, you could claim damages from the building - only toward your house, not the contents in it.

Can the contents of my household be covered if my building is 45 years old?

Yes. Most companies provide cover for the contents in a building that is not more than 50 years old. There are, however, insurance companies that have the upper limit at 25 years.

If we live in a joint family, are the possessions of each one of the members covered?

Your possessions as well as that of family members permanently residing with you are covered. In addition, you can declare possessions belonging to guests at home as 'goods held in trust,' and purchase insurance for them.

If I work out of my home; is my inventory and business property also covered?

The home insurance plan is a householder's plan; meant for residential property only. Since your home is a place of business as well, you need to purchase merchant cover plans.

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