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Returns on moneyback policy vs. inflation calculator

The money back-policy that you bought a few years ago, how is it working for you? You must have bought it primarily to get some cash at hand every five years or whatever time period you have chosen. But for all the money you spend as premium payments towards your money back-policy, are you gaining anything?

Welcome to our Returns on Money-Back Policy vs. Inflation calculator! This calculator will tell you if your money-back policy is actually giving you any money back; i.e. if the returns you get on your money-back policy in terms of survival benefit payouts do not beat the average rate of inflation, you are actually losing out.

This calculator takes into consideration all essential information: sum assured, no. of survival benefit payoffs, tenure of the policy, premium paying mode and such like. Once you have entered this data, we ask you a further question: What do you intend to do with your survival benefit payouts? Save or spend? Your answer to this question will determine if the money-back policy will work for you or not.

On the results page, a two-bar bar chart displays the result. The bar on the left depicts the inflation rate and the one on the right depicts the returns on your money-back plan. If the bar on the right is red in color, it means that the returns from your money-back policy doesn't beat inflation. If it is green, your policy is a good tool to beat inflation and create wealth. You can use the slider-friendly tools to adjust the average yearly expected bonus and inflation rates to check out how your money-back policy is working for you.

Money-back policies in general are extremely costly life covers and the life cover afforded is less than commensurate with your needs. At the least, therefore, your money-back policy should beat inflation so that you are actually creating wealth.

Happy calculating!

Note: All calculators and comparators are made based on certain assumptions which may not be true in your case. You should consult your personal financial advisor before taking any decision. Apnaloan disclaims any responsibility for any decision taken based on these calculators and comparators.