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United India Insurance Co. Ltd

Marga Bandhu Policy

United India Insurance Company Limited is one of the oldest general insurance companies of India. The company has variety of insurance products like Fire, Health, Motor, Marine, Industrial, Liability, Miscellaneous, Micro Insurance and Credit Insurance.

Products offered by United India Insurance Company Limited -
  1. Motor Insurance:- This includes private cars, two-wheelers and commercial vehicles. Basically in Motor insurance, Sum Assured is determined for the car or two-wheelers on Insured Declared Value (IDV) and Insured Declared Value is fixed at the commencement of the each policy year. IDV of the vehicle depends on varies factors like selling price of the brands and models. At the time of renewal of insurance, IDV is adjusted after taking into account the depreciation of the vehicle. Motor Insurance basically covers the damage to vehicle because of Accident, Fire, Burglary house breaking or theft, Terrorist activity, Riot Strike and Malicious Damage, Earthquake, Landslide or work slide. Any damage to accessories will be covered after payment of additional premium. No claim bonus ranging from 20% to 50%, depending upon the previous claim free years is given.

  2. Fire Insurance:- Fire insurance gives protection against the loss or damage caused by Fire. Fire insurance policy covers Building, machinery and accessories, stock and stock in process, contents including furniture. While taking fire insurance policy it is always better to know the exclusions. United India Insurance Company fire policy excludes coverage for earthquake, spoilage loss, over-running short circuit, Pollution or contamination, War or war like operations, Permanent or temporary dispossession by order of Government and Explosion of boilers.

  3. Health Insurance:- Health insurance basically covers the hospitalization expenses which can be categorized as: Individual cover and Family floater cover. Individual policy covers each individual with separate sum insured and family floater policy covers whole family members in one policy with common sum insured. Sum insured option available for health insurance is from 1 Lac to 10 Lacs. United India Insurance Company has Top up and Super Top up policies which are additional policies to existing Health insurance policy. Basically these Top up and Super Top up policy comes into force if the claim amount exceeds the deductible amount.

  4. Other products:- United India Insurance Company has Marine Insurance which covers any loss or damage to goods in transit by rail, sea, road, air or post. United India Industrial policy available for Boiler & Pressure plant policy, Contractors plant & machinery policy, Deterioration of stock, Electronic equipments policy, Machinery breakdown policy, Industrial all risk policy. Some more Categories where United India gives insurance covers are: Liability policy, Micro insurance policy, Miscellaneous policy which covers (Accident policy, social policy, rural policy, travel policy, business policy) and Credit insurance policy.
United India Insurance also has implemented "Universal Health Insurance Programmed" of government of India among the rural people and Vijaya Raje Janani Kalyan Yojana which covers 45 lakhs of woman in the state of Madhya Pradesh.


44.58 Lakh satisfied customers till May 2021
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