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How to collect maturity amount from insurer?

Getting maturity amount made easy , here's how .The insurer sends a discharge/claims form more than a month in advance of the policy maturity- here's your maturity claim.

Apnainsurance.com Research Bureau

21 Dec 2007

You had taken a life insurance policy twenty years ago with maturity benefits. Well, it has matured now, which means collection time!

So, how do you go about collecting this maturity amount coming to you?

It is a straightforward process. The life insurance company usually sends a discharge form/voucher/claim form, more than a month in advance of the date of maturity of your insurance policy. On maturity, you usually have to submit only the policy document and the signed discharge form. There might be some other formalities that vary from company to company. The proceeds of the policy are sent to you in a few days after submitting the relevant documents.

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