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When applying for life insurance

A life insurance policy covers two types of risks ?? first is of living too long and second of dying early. Important goals and even dreams of your family members can be achieved through an insurance policy. It will provide financial stability to the affected family so that they are able to maintain similar standard of living after the demise of key member.


An insurance policy is the perfect way to protect your family from various financial crises, which they may face when you are no longer there. It will provide financial consistency so that the family is able to face such situations, which can affect them financially.

In case of uncertain death of a sole earner, nominee or beneficiary included in policy will receive a lump sum amount. Insured can also opt for a policy, which pays constant income by way of pension after retirement.

Life insurance policy can be useful at every stage of life to any segment of the population. If you are a young earner then you can accumulate a big corpus for the retirement with many years left in your pocket with your policy. By taking a life insurance policy you will be on a secured path to turn your dreams into reality.


Your post retirement expenses, death and disability, debts, various key goals including marriage and education of your children etc. can be met with your insurance policy. All these crucial risks and dreams can be managed systematically with the help of insurance policy.


Life insurance India is termed as the most effective rescuer when you??re in need of funds in case of any eventuality. Importance of life insurance can be understood when any uncertain event arrives and you are short of funds to overcome it. Risk related to your life can be easily taken care of with an effective life insurance policy.

 There are different types of life insurance policies. You should select the policy, which will provide appropriate benefits to the family after your uncertain demise. Term insurance, Endowment plans, Child plans, Pension plans, Money back policy and ULIP are different types of insurance plans.


Factors to be kept in mind before availing insurance policy:

1.      Disclosure: Policyholder should disclose his/her health record and previous insurance. All the material facts should be disclosed with the insurer in the initial period of taking the plan. There should not be any non-disclosure of facts because it can affect the nominee at claim processing.

2.      Sum assured: Sum assured of the policy should be specially considered after understanding the value of all desires and requirements of family. Any loan liability, expenses to maintain standard of living, expenses for marriage and education and so on should be taken into view while designing the sum assured.

3.      Covers: Policyholder should be aware of the build-in coverage of policy. What covers will the policy provide in uncertain events? Benefits and conditions included in the policy should be understood. You should select the policy that is most appropriate to you and your dependents. The individual should read policy wording carefully.

4.      Premium: Premium depends upon the age, term and sum assured. Policyholder has the option to pay premium in lump sum and regular installments i.e. monthly, quarterly, semi annually and yearly.

5.      Riders: Insurer also provides opportunity to safeguard your future with additional benefits by simply just optioning a rider with the policy. Waiver of premium rider, Accidental death rider, Critical illness rider and many other riders can add more valuable benefits to the policy.