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Life Insurance Companies

Beginning in 2001, the life insurance sector was de-nationalized and opened up to private players. So, the industry got up, dusted off its wings, did a few limbering up exercises, and took to the skies. In the intervening seven or so years, life insurance companies have sprung up to such an extent that, in any other context it might be called an epidemic. Nowadays, the average insurance customer is spoilt for choice. The best and the brightest in the business are wooing him/her with a bewildering array of covers. Term insurance, critical illness covers, endowment insurance, money back insurance, whole life insurance, ULIPs,...Not to mention the mix n match combos of term plus a twist of critical illness, or ULIP with a smidgen of term, or whole life flavored with just the perfect blend of mediclaim and term.... Anyhow, what we are trying to say here is IT'S HUGE! So, maybe you need an orderly list of all these life insurance companies and their products? Maybe you need them arranged in a manner that is easy on the eye as well as easily accessible? Maybe you need the freedom to check out ONE particular life insurance plan to the exclusion of everything else...Can we just say that you are in the right place and allow you to get on with it?


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