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Date : Apr 23, 2008


Which insurance policy would u recommend for health insurance for a person going for heath insurance for first time?


Thereare several policies that might qualify for what you term as "healthinsurance." First are the reimbursement policies most popularly known as mediclaim where the medical expenses incurred by you are reimbursed (subject toseveral conditions). Then there are what are loosely called "hospitalcash" policies which pay you a certain sum of money if you happen to get hospitalized(subject to conditions here as well). This policy is meant to pay for theincidental expenses incurred during hospitalization as well as to provide anincome substitution for the sickness period. Then there are critical illnesspolicies which are meant to provide a lump sum capital to do income replacementif you suffer a critical illness as defined in the policy. Each of theseclasses of policies serves different needs and hence is complementary to each otherrather than competing with each other.
As far as choice of health policy is concerned you should definitely look at a Mediclaim type of policy and also consider a Critical Illness type of policy. The quantum and the company from whom to take such policies will depend on your needs as well as your personal brand preferences among the medicalpolices. You can read more about different kind of health polices by using this link.



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