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Money Back: Overview

Money back plans are ideal for those who are looking for a product that provides both - insurance cover and savings. You may also go in for this policy to utilize the tax-free sum of money receivable - to visit your favorite holiday destination, maybe. Or perhaps you can re-invest the amount.


In a money-back plan, you keep getting a percentage of the sum assured during lifetime of the policy. In case of the insurer outliving the term, he/she gets the remaining corpus with accrued options like bonus. In the event of his/her death before the full term of the policy, his/her nominee or legal heirs get the sum assured irrespective of the number of installments received, with accrued benefits. 


Money Back: Premium

  • Search across 13 insurers and 22 Money-Back policies
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Money Back: Benefits

  • Money-back Life Insurance Plan
  • Survival Benefits for Different Insurance Plans

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Money Back: Riders

  • Rider, adds the extra bit in life insurance
  • Term Rider

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Money Back: Claims

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Decision-making Corner

  • Term Insurance comparator
  • Returns on Money Back Policy vs. Inflation Calculator
  • Should I Continue My Children's Money back Policy?
  • Endowment vs. Whole Life Comparator

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