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Covering your shop

You can get a shopkeeper's insurance policy to cover you for the shop. Here's more.

Apnainsurance Research Bureau

24 Jan 2008

Your shop is insured as per its reinstatement value i.e. the cost of constructing it again - not the market value. The coverage provides for damage to the building against fire and its associated perils due to natural or man-made calamities.


Natural calamities include fire, lightning, earthquake, fire, landslide and rockslide damage, floods, inundations, storms, tempests, typhoons, hurricanes, tornados, or cyclones.


Man-made calamities include explosion of gas in domestic appliances, bursting and overflowing tanks or pipes, damage caused by aircrafts, riots, strikes, malicious or terrorist acts, and impact damage.


Additional risk covers provide for:

  • Removal of debris
  • Costs to comply with building regulations following damage
  • Consulting fees for architects, surveyors, and consulting engineers
  • Temporary removal of equipment to another place for repairs or renovation
  • Loss of rent as landlord
  • Additional expenses for rent for tenant
  • Increase in sum insured throughout the year to guard against inflation




  • Insurance companies are selective about the risk covers they offer in shopkeepers' insurance policies. For instance, some may charge an additional price for cover against terrorist activities. Others may enforce deductibles that expect you to pay a portion of the claim amount.
  • Loss, destruction or damage caused by:
    • War, invasion, foreign enemy hostilities, war-like operations, civil war, mutiny, civil commotion
    • Nuclear activity
    • Pollution or contamination


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