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Shopkeepers Insurance

If you own a shop, you will obviously be concerned about its safety as well as the merchandise stored in it. After all, it is your livelihood we are talking about here. You can rest a lot easier if you avail of the shopkeepers. insurance facility. Only, ensure that you are up to speed on the basics of shopkeepers. insurance before you do so.

You have the grocery store with a bakery counter, the vegetable shop that has a non-veg counter, or the paan-shop that doubles up as a mobile-recharge center. Versatility being the name of the game, it is only natural that insurers have come up with a range of covers for the discerning shopowner. Go on, check them out. Don't take our word for it. We only make it slightly easier for you to do so by providing a list of all the insurers and their shopkeeper insurance plans.


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