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Medical coverage for students traveling abroad

Students travelling abroad can get medical coverage. Find out what all is covered under such an insurance policy.

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11 Jan 2008

Medical expenses: If the student falls sick or has a sports injury/accident, the insurance company reimburses costs for outpatient and inpatient treatment, medical aid, therapies, and diagnostic tests, including medically necessary and prescribed emergency evacuation.

Medical evacuation: In a medical emergency where the student is prevented from being treated for the illness abroad, this travel insurance cover provides for travel costs to bring back the student to a hospital in his/her native place.

Maternity benefits: A few companies provide for medical expenses related to pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, subject to a maximum amount. This cover is subject to a waiting period of 10 months from the starting date of policy.

Mental and nervous disorders:
Medical expenses related to treatment for mental and nervous disorders, including alcoholism and drug dependency are covered by a few companies, subject to maximum limit.

Childcare benefits:
If the student's child is above 90 days of age, and is hospitalized for more than two days for any ailment, the policy pays a daily hospital cash benefit, subject to a maximum limit.

Dental treatment:
The student is covered for acute anesthetic treatment of natural teeth.

Cancer screening and mammography:
A few insurance companies reimburse expenses related to cancer screening and mammography examination on recommendation from a physician, subject to maximum limit.

Repatriation of remains:
If the student passes away, the insurer covers the cost of transporting the mortal remains back home or the costs towards burial abroad.

Compassionate visit:
If the student remains hospitalized for more than seven consecutive days, the insurance company provides to reimburse the return fare for one family member to visit him/her abroad; or for the student to return to India, which includes accommodation for the family member.

Personal accident:
The insurance company pays compensation if the student is permanently disabled or loses his/her life abroad in an accident.

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