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Travel insurance FAQs on coverage

Can I get a policy to cover domestic travel? Are ambulance charges covered under a travel insurance policy? Get answers to these questions and more.

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14 Jan 2008

Will my charges be paid directly to the hospital or do I need to pay the bill first and then claim from the company?

It depends on the type of policy you have - if you have the cashless hospitalization cover, you can intimate the insurer or TPA, who will then make the required payments directly to the hospital. Otherwise, you will need to make the payments, and then submit your insurance claim. You will then be reimbursed after your claim has been validated.

Are ambulance charges covered?

Yes. Ambulance charges are covered in a travel insurance policy.

Do I need to show an I-Card to get admitted in a hospital that will provide cashless treatment?

No. All you need to show is your passport number and the policy number. The process is simple - you just need to get in touch with your Third Party Administrator (TPA) or insurer and register yourself. They will arrange for the cashless facility in the hospital nearest to you.

Is loss of passport covered under the travel policy?

Yes, most insurance companies provide cover for the loss of passport. If your policy doesn't include it, you can purchase it as an additional cover. The insurance company will reimburse you for expenses incurred while getting a duplicate or temporary passport.

What happens if my baggage is delayed for more than one day but not lost?

If you are covered for loss of personal possessions and your baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours, the insurance company will reimburse you for the purchase of emergency items such as toiletries, medicines and clothing.

If I have diabetes, should I still buy the overseas travel policy? Even if premium-existing diseases are not covered?

Yes, you should buy an overseas travel insurance plan even if you have diabetes. Firstly, travel insurance policies cover pre-existing conditions in case of life-threatening situations. Secondly, it is not necessary that you fall ill only due to your diabetes. What if you developed a severe stomach infection and needed to be hospitalized?

But do declare your pre-existing disease(s). Otherwise, the premium you pay for your policy is useless because you misrepresented your case, and the insurance company will deny your claim.

Is the sum insured not valid for all expenses? Is there a limit for each type of an expense?

The sum insured in your travel insurance policy is not valid for all expenses; there is a limit for each type of an expense. For instance, let's say you have purchased a policy for a sum of US$ 100,000. You then get into an accident. The cover for personal accident under your policy is US$ 20,000 and for dental expenses is US$ 500. This could vary company to company, but the point is that expenses for your accident are capped at US$ 20,000. You will have to bear any expenses above that. Moreover, for certain expenses, there is a deductible, i.e. a minimum sum that you have to pay when making a claim.

I am already insured for my stay in London, but I am traveling for 4 days to the USA. Do I need another insurance policy?

Yes. You need a separate cover for your travel to the USA. In the case of overseas insurance, the world is divided into three separate categories:

  • Asian countries excluding Japan
  • Excluding USA & Canada
  • Worldwide

Are there any restrictions on the hospital where the treatment should be taken?

There are no restrictions on the hospital where you should be treated; the only regulation is that the hospital should be registered under the local jurisdiction.

In the event of pre-planned hospitalization, it is better to intimate the insurance company or the Third Party Administrator (TPA) so they may direct you to a Network Hospital in the same locality.

Is the sum insured mentioned under each category applicable to all members traveling on the policy?

Yes, the sum insured mentioned in the policy is for each traveling member. However, you must note that the sum insured is not valid for all expenses; there is a limit for each type of an expense. For example, a US$ 100,000 policy has a personal accident cover of a maximum of US$ 20,000. Similarly, dental expenses are capped at US$ 500. This cap could vary company to company.

How is the deductible applicable in case of cashless hospitalization?

At the time of being discharged, the final bill from the hospital will include a few expenses that will not be payable under the terms and conditions of the travel insurance policy. These expenses, called deductibles, will have to be borne by you. The insurance company or TPA will pay the rest of the expenses to the hospital directly.

When does the cover commence?

Your travel insurance cover commences from the moment you clear immigration at the international airport in India. It ceases on landing and clearing immigration at any international airport in India or until the expiry date on the policy, whichever is earlier.

What are the circumstances under which a request for cashless hospitalization can be denied?
  • The treatment is for a pre-existing condition
  • The ailment is not covered under the terms and conditions of the travel insurance policy
  • If the information contained in the claim request is insufficient for the insurance company to authorize payment and you cannot provide the information
  • The claim amount exceeds the policy limit for that particular expense

Is travel insurance provided for domestic travel as well?

Yes. Some companies offer travel insurance for domestic journeys as well. Typically, it provides you with cover for personal accident, ambulance charges, accidental hospitalization, carriage of remains, baggage loss, and home burglary.

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